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MLB looking at changes to strike zone


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The buzz on MLB Network today is about how MLB is considering tinkering with either the strike zone or mound, in order to pump-up offense.


Personally, I don't like either idea and would rather leave it to the hitters to continue to scout pitchers and swing at their pitches according to the counts and situations.


Maybe college baseball will provide the solution tho... The NCAA is introducing a "flat-seam" ball this season (Today is Opening Day!), that is supposed to be more lively.  I saw a picture of the new ball compared to last years' model, and it even looks slightly larger.  I hope it helps, because they've been rumoring about bringing-in the iconic wall at Blair Field.


What do you all think about all this tinkering with the old game?


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I just can't imagine them messing with the strike zone.  Umps with many years of experience calling the game a certain way.  Pitchers whose success is very much reliant upon getting those calls.  The teams that paid them millions of dollars based on that success.  Hitters who have an advantage by being able to hit the low ball (like Trout).  etc.  The farm systems that are filled with guys whose success is based on command and not velocity.  


There would be and even greater degree of natural selection toward high velocity max effort guys promoting greater risk for injury.  Same with lowering the mound.  


You can't do something that could have a dramatic effect on some players and less of an effect on others.  


Just add the DH to the NL.  

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There's A LOT I'd change about baseball, but defensive shifts, mound height, ball and strike zone aren't among them. What's wrong with a pitching heavy period? I like 4-3 games just as much if not more than 10-8.

What would I change?

1. Electronic strike zone. No more Country Joe West BS. That way it's always the same, even, fair.

2. Realign divisions. I'd love to see MLB play off their geographical rivalries. A Pacific Division with the Angels, Dodgers, A's, Giants and Padres would be must-see ball.

3. No more HFA decided by the all star game. We've gotta be smarter than that.

4. International Draft. Stop letting large market teams manipulate the market by taking the elite talent.

5. Mandatory drug testing every month and at random times. Stricter penalties too. First offense, 50 game suspension, forfeiture of salary, team forfeits 2 wins at the end of the season. Second offense, full season suspension, forfeiture of pay, team forfeits 3 wins and institutes weekly testing. Third offense, life time suspension, team is automatically disqualified from playoffs.

6. Pitch clock. Keep it at 20-25 seconds, batters must keep one foot in box.

7. Restructure FA market. Give players a specific year and salary limit based on a number of factors, that way both small market and large market teams can offer the same contract more often.

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I'd like more offense, but when I think about how small the strike zone is already (I mean really, is knees to waist really players' contact zones? Come on, most hitters are comfortable hitting pitches above their waist,) you're just making it unreasonably difficult on pitchers and punishing them for being more talented.  As far as I'm concerned, pitchers are just out-evolving hitters in terms of talent, and honestly, I think pitching is just the naturally more dominant position. The pitcher always has the obvious statistical advantage, and also I think the position is more based on pure physical talent than hitting is, IMO.  I think both are highly developed skills, but I think hitting is more based on skill and finely tuned physical traits (eyesight, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, quick-twitch muscles) than pitching is. 


IMO, don't do anything that would require a significant adjustment period for one position over the other, such as a strike zone or mound change. One change that might make things more fair, is universal dimensions. I know this would take a very long time to institute since it would require stadium reconstruction, but I think it's kind of ridiculous that baseball is pretty much the only sport that doesn't have universal dimensions with their playing field. At the very least, make foul territory the same area for every stadium.

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