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Pete Rose on Trout

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To be fair Rose had the under on Trout striking out 150 times last season so he has a reason to be bent.

Dear Pete Rose,   Your first three season's you hit .286/.348/.386 - 105 OPS+ Trouts first three seasons he hit .311/.403/.561 - 172 OPS+   At his current pace Trout will exceed your career total

I wonder if ol Dimaggio had to face specialists throwing 96 in the 7th; then a different one in the ninth.   This is all so stupid.

I think Rose has a valid point but I believe Trout will make the necessary adjustments in ST. I don't view Rose's opinion as a bad thing. Trout is still in the toddler phase of his career and there is no reason to compare stats with Rose. They are two different type of hitters coming from two different times in baseball.


Rose is a nobody ... good stuff

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Sorry, but I just don't get most of your responses to me.

I'll explain this one to you. First you called James Shields a nobody. Then you called the next actor to play Spider Man a nobody. Now you are calling Pete Rose a nobody. So, I then said, I am a fan of your consistency. Hope that makes sense, if not we will have Rico draw some stick figure cartoons (this I don't expect you to understand) explaining it.

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489 reasons. That is 120 more strikeouts that Joe DiMaggio's entire career. Since people want to measure him against the all time great center fielders, let's start here.

That's doesn't mean he won't be a better player than DiMaggio, it means he has a different skill set, as did Pete Rose. I however think it takes more than one year of very high strike out totals to declare he is strike out prone.

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again, the point of his comparison is what I am arguing.  He shows lack of insight to make that argument.  As if he shouldn't have been MVP because he "strikes out a lot"


It is stupid.


I think part of his commentary is the MVP has now sunk to giving it to a guy that lead the league in strikeouts as his one offensive category of dominance because as we all know RBIs are a false stat.

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