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Fast Food Burger Taste Test, From Wendy’s to Five Guys

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How much do you want for it?

Speaking of openly queer dudes, nice use of "fave burgs."

The dude in the flannel only drinks microbrews and all of his friends have handle bar mustaches. He's just that cool.

I don't know if Five Guys is better up here or if you guys just have very poor taste but I definitely prefer Five Guys over InO. But it's a completely different kind of burger. But so is McD's and Wendy's and the rest. So if we are just picking one off the list and ignoring everything but taste my vote would be FG.


That's where I am. I like In N Out, but I don't have the craving for them that people who grew up out west do (my craving is Krystal, so it must be a regional thing).

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Five Guys is incredibly over priced. Went there with some coworkers a couple months back and we spent $15 each for a burger, fries, and a drink. Went to In n Out last night and got two double doubles, two fries, two drinks, and a cheeseburger for $17.

Five Guys isn't bad but the burgers taste like something I could make at home on a grill.

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How is the Farmer Boys restaurant?  I passed by a 'coming soon' banner the other day in the San Fernando Valley.  I've never heard of them before and a quick Google search shows them to be primarily located in the OC area and their specialty appears to be 'naturally' produced burgers that have won some awards.  This would be the first location in the Valley.  Any good?

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