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It's that time of year again


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Yea I'm not going to click on that link because it seems pretty easy to know who's contracts are on the list, and who's will be on that list. Without clicking on it, Albert, Hamilton, ARod, Fielder, Texeria and Elvis.

In a couple years we will undoubtedly see Cabrera on that list.

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I remember how excited everyone was when we signed Pujols, the big presser, the chants of: "We got Pujols" and Pujols on the cover of SI with us named the favorites to go all the way.

Then, 3 months into the season I hated him about as much as Moo Vaughn or Vernon Wells! (still dislike the guy) I can't believe we're stuck with that bum for another billion years.

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I still can't buy this list. You pickup the phone to the GM of the Yanks and says...Pujols for Rodriguez straight up. They say no. You call the Rangers, Harrison for Pujols straight up. They say no. Upton...same thing.


First contracts they would jump at the deal, or at least consider...would be Choo and Fielder.


So, I can't really buy Pujols being anywhere out of the top 3.

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He will "retire" from playing the field to become full-time DH the last 3-4 yrs of the deal

He's not walkin away from all that backloaded cash that awaits him. We've all seen the quotes of his where he gets snippy over anybody daring to question his performance. No way will his ego allow him to walk away while still under contract. In his mind, he's still one of the best players in baseball

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mauer should have been on the list.  dude hit 4 hrs in more than 500 pa last year, plays first base, and accounts for 1/4th of his teams payroll.  

He's only got four years left so it's not as bad as Albert's deal but it's still pretty awful


If I had to choose who I want at 1b for 2015-17, I think I would choose albert.  

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Yeah, Pujols has a lot of years left to move up on that list. No need to peek too early.

If I remember correctly he actually moved down and was #1 last year.

At least he was productive compared to the others.

I agree with the article that if I'm stuck with a bad contract I at least want production compared to Upton, ARod, Harrison.

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