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Best Tools in the Angels System

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Good read. A couple questions/comments:


- If Travis Wood's fastball is really that straight, I don't see how it can be the best in the org. A 92-mph fastball with good movement is far better than a 97-mph without.

- Tropeano is such a sleeper that he's endanger of soon becoming overrated. But I really wouldn't be surprised if he has a better 2015 than Heaney. Going forward obviously Heaney is the better prospect, but "Trope" could really surprise and be a solid mid-rotation guy.

- With Tropeano, Heaney, Ellis, and Newcomb, it is nice having a handful of starters that look to be future major league mid-rotation or better starters. This must be the best pool of starting talent in years.

- Yarbrough has "Kendrick 2.0" written all over him. Interesting thing, though, is that while Kendrick hit .360 in the minors and turned into a .290+ hitter in the majors, Yarbrough has hit .295 in the minors and looks to be a .280+ hitter in the majors. For whatever reason, my guess is that the gap between Yarbrough's minor and major league output will be much smaller. Howie just seems like the type that feasts upon minor league pitching, but can't handle major league breaking stuff. Hopefully Yarbrough proves to be different.

- I can't go with your "most upside" pick for Cowart. I think Delgado has similar upside but without the crashing-and-burning.

- I'd like to have seen a "Most Complete Profile of Tools" award for Sherman Johnson. Nothing stands out, but he seems adequate or better at everything.

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Austin Wood's fastball should be every bit as effective as Jordan Walden's, which also didn't move.

I think Yarbrough is a safe bet to hit .280 in the majors. He has enough pop to keep fielders honest, hits from both sides (though not particularly well) and doesn't chase too many breaking pitches in the dirt.

I think the most complete profile would still have to go to Featherston. He's similar to Johnson except has more power, speed and versatility. I just can't see Johnson being a major leaguer with the Angeks when he doesn't play SS, isn't a power hitter or base thief and has to compete with Featherston, Rutledge, Green and Stamets.

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Johnson did have 53 XBHs for the Sixers in 2014, including 13 triples and 17 HRs. 

Was that simply the Cal League being hitting happy then? 

Those along with 78 rbis, 26 SBs (although 12 CS), and 88 BBs paint a picture of a guy with multiple tools. 

Even the Ks were manageable (104 in 529 at bats).

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While Johnson seems like a fine prospect, his numbers definitely were inflated in the Cal League. His home field is the only neutral or even pitcher friendly setting in the league.

He hit 50 points lower at home and only 2 HR's.

I like his approach at the plate and he's solid defensively, but at the very most he'll be a utility player. More than likely he'll be a AAAA player.

It's that lack of upside that kept him firmly out of our top 30. I hear he's great in the clubhouse though and is well liked, and that does count for something.

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