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AngelsWin.com NFL Picks - Playoffs Final Standings

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Brandon - 20 

DW711 - 18

Black Beard - 16

Angels_Drink - 14

Swanson - 13

soto - 12

Geoff - 11

eleven - 9

MT - 8

Ray McKigney - 8

nate - 7

Adam - 7

Tank - 7

Slegnaac - 7

Heavenly Halos - 5


Brandon, look at your props again.  Hard to research those but gave you credit for all.  If you missed one then DW711 ties you.  Remember all, this is just for fun. 


Here is what I have for the AngelsWin.com NFL picks on the year:

First half regular season - Catshat - $25

Second half regular season - txangel - $25

YTD regular season - Brandon - $50

Playoffs first place - Brandon - $50

Playoffs second place - DW711 - $25


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I kept tabs in the thread when they happened. A couple buddies and I did all sorts of weird props and followed them all since we didn't like either team but it gave us a reason to follow.

A lot of the props we had to keep tabs on as they happened or not because you can bet on them at sports books, but we couldn't find the results for them....even the ones we knew like Belichecks Hoodia being long sleeve or the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach, etc.

My props are good though. It didn't go to overtime, Lynch didn't grab his crotch after scoring (thought this was a slam dunk after the league mentioned it hurting Seattle and was surprised it was still on the board....but there were a ton of Lynch props), and the deflate gate was quite a bit over as they mentioned it to start the game and then when they showed the ball bags with the security guards around went on for a couple minutes to hit the over pretty easily.

It was fun and I'm glad you included the props because it made it more fun to watch. Great season and turn out again, Kurt. Thanks again for taking the time to put this all together and put up the prize money. Hopefully I can help out next year or help make changes if you want to add the spread or use a ranking system pick'em.

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Same here, but he didn't pick props then changed his pick (I think he had NE with us from the start, but in the final thread picked SEA).


I never really messed with props until this year. I originally started to pick stuff like the coin toss and whether the opening kick off would be a touchback, but they just seemed to be ones that were purely fate or a little more uncontrollable. Then running down the list seeing all the odd ones like whether Lynch would get fined during media day seemed like they would be fun to go with.....although, can you imagine this contest being held up because we all had to await word from the NFL whether they would fine Lynch? I think they finally said they wouldn't yesterday or today.


It was cool seeing how close the final results were considering we kind of flew by the seat of our pants for the playoff format.

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Tank, I do want to thank you for always hanging in each year. 


you're welcome. my goal is to make everyone else feel good about their bets. afterall, i'm sure geoff gets tired of finishing all by his lonesome every year.

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