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Commercialize Your Player


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The superbowl commercials got me to thinking.  If you could create a commercial featuring a product involving your favorite player(s) what would the commercial be?  Mine would be this...

Stan Musial is up to bat and takes the first pitch into the gap.  As he rounds first he morphs into Lou Brock.  Brock rounds second and morphs into Ozzie.  Ozzie rounds third morphs into Yadier Molina.  Molina slides into home...just barely beating the tag.  Now as Yadi scores on this make believe inside the park homerun (and this is key) you hear Jack Buck's voice and his famous call..."I don't believe...what I just saw!"

Screen fades to black and the words "Cardinals Nation" is shown...signaling the beginning of the season.  What would yours be?

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Mine would be like a commercial for Disneyland/World. It would be a boat ride similar to Pirates of the Caribbean, going through scenes of Angels history thru the years.


In the last scene, (the room filled with treasure, and Johnny Depp/Capt Jack Sparrow is sitting on top of the pile) I would have Josh Hamilton sitting on a big pile of cash, smoking a cigar, and laughing a sinister "got cha suckers" laugh.

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Mike trout wearing boxers jumping around the outfield on a pogo stick (for tdawg), from there he leaps onto a trampoline in CF and triple somersaults into a pair of uniform pants. As he dons his jersey, we fade out and the voiceover says "he puts his pants on just like everyone else".

Cut to the rest of the players flaling around and falling all over the field on pogo sticks and the trampoline, etc.

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I can visualize an extreme closeup of Aybar's face while he's chewing tobacco, looking away from the camera.  Slowly, he turns to the camera and in slow-motion he spits it out and a bit of spit mixed with bits of chew slings on his chin and cheek.  He looks to the camera, smiles, exposes his jacked up teeth and gums, and a woman with a sexy french accent begins talking about Crest whitening strips.

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Josh Hamilton is swinging at every pitch and missing badly. He has no clue at the plate. All the Angles come out of the dugout. Mike Scioscia hands him a Snickers bar and says Josh, you always miss every pitch when you are hungry eat a snickers.

He then turns into Betty White.

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