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XBOX ONE Volume Control


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How do you adjust the volume on the console? The "kids" have the console connected via HDMI to my TV but the sound level on the box is LOUD so they keep turning down the TV volume using the TV remote which screws up my attempt to sync the TV remote with the cable remote.

They don't have a remote for the console - is that an extra accessory?


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Wait, what do you mean synching the tv remote with the cable?  Do you use your TV speakers for sound or an AV receiver?


The Xbox itself doesn't have volume control except if you pin the app/game you can control the volume level for the game as a setting but not dynamically.

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No receiver. The TV is hooked to Uverse box via HDMI3. I use the HDMI3 setting (not cable input) for the TV. The remote for the TV was set to 25 max volume and so was the remote for the cable box (cable remote does not turn TV off/On but does change the channels and adjusts volume.)

The XBOX is connected to HDMI2 on the TV. When they play a game they use my TV remote to turn down the volume (ex to 5 or 6).

When I switch back to the TV I get to readjust the volume via TV remote....

So anyway, they can adjust the volume during game play?

(Using their controller?)

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No, they cannot.  There is a setting that can lower the overall level for that particular game or app if you pin the app/game.


Not to be that guy but if you have HD cable and an xbox one, a surround sound system is a very nice accessory.  You will love it.  Don't have to spend a ton, the more you spend the better but even a $200 Sony or Yamaha system will do at the entry level.  One of those Sonos bars if you really want to spend and don't want to deal with so many speakers.

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The TV cost less than that ~ $200. I thought the speakers were fine for a 32" 720 LED HDTV - not tinny. I believe they are 6 watts each.

It's the XBOX games that are somehow louder than when watching regular TV. Don't get it. Unless it has something to do with the cable since the console bypasses that?

(Kids dad bought the game console...I would NEVER spend that much!)

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It's Uverse. "Press OK to watch TV" so I need the cable remote to do that and change channels and view the guide. The TV remote turns the TV on and off and adjusts the volume. The cable remote is set to 25 max volume. I should add it's not the "official" cable remote but one I bought to replace a broken one.

Why is the XBOX louder than the TV? They had the volume turned down to 3!

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