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Biden and Obama in sync

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Yesterday: PRESIDENT OBAMA: What we know is middle-class economics works. That's been the history of this country. That's been the history of the last six years when we've implemented middle-class economics. And the other side was telling us this would be a disaster, and it would kill jobs and raise the deficit, health care costs would explode. And none of that happened. That's pretty rare where you have two visions, a vigorous debate, and then you test who’s right -- and the record shows that we were right and middle-class economics does work.


Today: VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: To state the obvious, the past six years have been really, really hard for this country. And they've been really tough for our party. Just ask [former DCCC chairman Rep. Steve Israel]. They've been really tough for our party. And together we made some really, really tough decisions -- decisions that weren't at all popular, hard to explain. Hard to communicate why it was so important, had to be made. And the decision had a high political cost, some of your friends and my friends aren't here today because they had the nerve to stand up and do what they thought was right.


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For most of the country the past six years have been a struggle. Real personal income has been declining even longer than that.

I posted something here a while ago that showed the majority of American families are basically living paycheck to paycheck.

Yea I agree most families live paycheck to paycheck. Most families have iPhones, two car payments, eat out all the time, their kids have cell phones, they have cable and multiple flat screen tvs. Now obviously yours is easier to prove, but I'm pretty sure im close to the reality.

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financially, the last six years have been fine for me. can't really complain about it, though i wish i had received the tax cut i was promised in '08.


Things are looking up, finally, after several years of checking every two weeks to make sure that I wasn't going to be overdrawn before my paycheck hit the bank. The final piece of the puzzle would be the end of the mandatory furloughs we have had for the past six years. That is expected in this legislative session - which means that we will still have them through the end of the current fiscal year, but they would disappear effective July 1.

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This is not the first time Biden played the role of conservative Republican to Obama's liberal Democratic ideology. He was a poor choice by Obama as a running mate and should have ditched him after the first term. Better yet, Biden should have quit a long time ago when he realized there were no party similarities between them. But then, they are both politicians.

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jay leno's "jay walking" segments always made me embarrassed for how poorly people retain a basic knowledge of history and current events. this is the stuff i teach, and i always held my breath that none of my former students would end up on camera. 

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