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2015 Pecota 90 Wins


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I think they're giving too much credit to the AL East there judging by the last place team still manages 78 wins there.



The AL East and AL Central look weak to me. I could see the best record in the AL coming out of one of those two divisions, probably the East but mainly because of the weaknesses of those divisions and that the AL West will probably be beating up on each other too much for someone to pull away with 95+ wins.




Similarly, I think NL East looks pretty weak outside of the Nationals and maybe the Marlins where I don't really see the Dodgers having a better record than the Nationals come the end of the season especially with the greatly improved Padres, the Giants, and slightly improved D-Backs.

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You know... with a lot of teams improving, im not sure this is that outrageous to see more tams around the median/500 ish levels... better overall competition will bring win totals down.  West has a lot of good teams, tohugh i think they have Tex a little high, im just not sold on them this year at all, would not shock me to see Hou beat them and us pick up a few more wins at thier expense.

That having been said i was surprised at the total lack of love for the Central.   I said i was more afraid of Sea than Oak and they agree.

Based on this the playoffs if they started today would be something like this:
Angels vs winner of Sea/TB?
Det vs Bos


As far as the NL i do think putting the Dogs at 97 is a bit laughable, though it also wouldnt shock me if it happened. It looks like they are saying the Dogs have the best pitching in the game in terms of runs against... not sure i buy that, well see i guess.

Could we actually have a freeway series?  :)

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Looks like they are projecting a pretty big improvement from Pujols, countered by a significant drop off from Trout.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's based mostly on "he can't possibly be this bad" and "he can't possibly be this good" respectively.

haven't checked it out yet, but the projections already seem bullshit if they expect improvement out of pujols.
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prob the vastly improved defense and some good offensive depth.

i agree with rhe defense, but the offense part i disagree with.

Id kill to have the dodgers front line pitching. But from an offense standpoint, it was a fluky out of nowhere season from hanley in 13 that rescued their season (they were as shitty as we were at the break), and the same from kemp in 2014. Both are gone. I like agon, but hes not getting any younger, and puig still needs to be good for 6 months, not on fire for one, good for 2, and whatever for 3. Maybe pederson figures it out this year? Then again maybe hes a 4th outfielder like some have projected.

Either way, the dodgers took a hit offensively (though they gained at 2B). The giants havent gotten worse, and the padres have vastly improved.

Arizona was the dodgers whipping boy last year. Not saying that will change, but it will also depend on if literally everything goes wrong for them again (az in 14 was us in 13).

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