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The White Sox bring Gordan Beckham back (1 year, $2 mil), designate OF Dayan Viciedo for assignment

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good call by Beckham -- he was fairly popular there with the ChiSox and is comfortable there.


I think more players need to find the proper fit / organization and team to be with and stick with them rather than chasing the top dollar.


with guys like Beckham and others (particularly pitchers) it probably prolongs their MLB career and over the long run they actually make more money because they maintain that million dollar plus paycheck for more years. (I always thought that Jeff Weaver made a mistake not staying with St. Louis after he won those post-season (including W/S) games for them. Dave Duncan was the pitching coach at the time and he sort of turned Weaver's career around......had Weaver stuck with the Cardinals, he might have stayed in the bigs a bit longer......but he signed a big contract with I think the Seattle M's and went the way most of the M's big contract signings go.......I think Robinson Cano FINALLY broke the streak of F/A signing busts for them........


Beckham was a rental for us and did his part.........he's not an every day regular but you can start him at 2B, 3B and perhaps even SS but I don't think he's that great at SS -- but if your starter goes down, Beckham can fill the spot for a week or so..........he would have been good MIF/ corner bench depth for us -- and he can run a bit (not blazing speed but when you've got someone like Freese on the base-paths, an improvement) which means you can PR in late innings as well.

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Viciedo hit a bunch of homeruns to start the season a few years back and had a decent first half..........hasn't done much since but folks seem to remember that fast start.


I think if you check his stats, he racks up the K's.........


some team will pick him up though..........he'll certainly get an ST invite from someone -- NOT US!!!

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Rutledge is the default pick at 2B........he did hit some (and with some power) but that was in Coors Field.


I think, despite what we all commented about here, Beckham going back to the White Sox was a foregone conclusion.


He was a definite rental.......and he did pretty much what was asked of him by the Halos ------and good thing they got him, too, because as much as I liked the little things John McDonald did for us defensively last year -- by the time Beckham showed up at deadline time..........McDonald hadn't had gotten a base hit in months..........

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Rutledge was a terrible defensive shortstop in Colorado and that won't change in Anaheim. The Angels have no more intention of playing him at shortstop than they do Grant Green. Taylor Featherston is definitely the leading candidate right now for that job.

Featherton has to make the team first for that to happen. Featherton has no ML experience at SS ... but it could happen.

Is the team going to carry Rutledge, Green. and Featherson to start the season?

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I agree that it's Featherston's offense that has carried him so far, but of all the remaining candidates, he really looks like the only one that can play a competent shortstop. Green lacks the range and has a fringe arm, Rutledge lacks the glove and range, and Giovatella's a 2B.

I think they'll keep two on the roster and to me it seems Rutledge has one spot, because of experience and what they gave up. So the other spot comes down to Green vs Featherston. Green has the offensive advantage but has options, Featherston has the defensive advantage and must stay on the major league roster.

I think it'll end up being Rutledge at 2B, Featerston at UT, Green playing SS, 3B and LF in AAA and Giovatella's accepting his assignment and getting AB's in AAA with Yarbrough at 2B.

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none of the guys mentioned can really man the SS position for anything other than late game replacements in a blow out game.


Rutledge probably the best bet and as pointed out on a prior post -- he really didn't impress on D when the Rockies played him there.


Green is an OF/DH trying to win a roster spot as a MIF/ corner guy -- his best infield position is probably and he's not great there and he played some 3B for us last year.


Gaviatella (spelled wrong) is a 2B with no arm........when he got his shot at KC -- I thought he came up as a speedster type who had trouble hitting his weight with a lot of references to the old adage "you can't steal first base' -- of course, 'you can't teach speed either' -- not sure how much of that speed he has left -- if he can play 2B at all, he's worth having on the roster as a late inning D guy who can PR for the likes of Freese in the late innings.


Ought to an interesting ST with this battle at 2B -- they'll cut the four guys down to three or two the first two weeks I imagine.


I agree that Rutledge, because of his experience, is almost a lock -- he's going to have to play himself out of the line up and off the roster in ST while the other guys need to perform to earn a roster spot.

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