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Cast for Ghostbusters 3 announced.

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Ghostbusters is like Stripes.


It doesn't work without Murray. 


I won't be seeing this POS.

And of course a true sequel couldn't be done, with Harold Ramis having passed away.

Same thing if they ever think about a sequel for Stripes, and besides I'd rather just leave the originals alone and not do sequels. 

Has Hollywood run out of original material?


McCarthy is actually pretty funny.   But, nooooooooo to making this.

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Those chicks are all funny, having said that, I doubt I will see this in the theater.


Which brings up the question.  Is this a $200 million budgeted film, or a $25 million budgeted film?  With the cast, if it's a $200 million summer tent pole type film, they will lose their asses off.  If it's a $25 million film, comedies of that nature can be a bonanza making $100 million in the theaters and being a huge success for the backers.  


I have a feeling it's going to be in the $25-75 million production range, which directly targets into as Sully pointed out, the FB females, who will be dragging others, and the others will go because it's Ghostbusters.  


I hope I'm wrong, and it becomes a big success.  But as I've seen in the past, if you make Caddyshack then make a new film with an entire new cast, no matter how talented they may be, you are playing with fire.  The only way out, is to change the target audience.  


***added thought


Look at all the Melissa McCarthy films.  Now, if it had a production cost of over $200 million, or even $100 million, would any of her films, no matter how good been considered huge successes?  This is what I mean above.

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And what makes it more stupid is we are expected to believe women know anything about science and/or physical labor intensive jobs?


Was the plot that Egon and Ray and Venkman were at the bar and their broads borrowed their shit without asking and hilarity ensued?


Cause I'm not buying that they are regular Ghostbusters on their own.

Remember Peter saying "The franchise rights will make us rich." These four chicks could have bought a McDonalds but their psychic told them to chase ghosts.
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This is so damn lazy and obvious.

Here's a better idea, if you have to do this...

McCarthy, Rogen, Wiig, Rudd and...



i immediately like your idea better. and where in the world has rick moranis been the last ten plus years? he was almost always a fun character to watch.


i have serious doubts about this movie working as well as the original. i hope mccarthy, who is a very good physical actress, plays a character different than what she usually plays. she's usually the same character in most of her films.

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