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TEX acquires Gallardo from MIL


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Last I checked, they were on the verge.  Not a bad acquisition, depending on what they paid, but he isn't the pitcher he was 3-4 years ago.  Not a bad #3-4 starter. 


Texas should be an interesting team to watch this year.  They were derailed by injuries last year, but I wonder if they would've been in the race even if they were healthy.  In 2015, it'll be interesting to see if they can stay healthy, and if they can, if they're able to compete.  The AL West is a tough division. 

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Gallardo has had a FIP between 3.89-3.94 and a WAR between 1.7-2.5 WAR the past 3 years. He's not the #2 he was a while back but he's still a quality 3/4 guy that the Rangers could reaaaaaally use. 


Now they can throw Darvish-Holland-Gallardo-Lewis-Detwiler out to start the year and have Tepesch as insurance and bring back Perez/Harrison once they're ready. 

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With health they are above .500 team.

IMO, No. Their rotation looks solid, but thats about it. The offense and bullpen will hold them back from being above .500




This isn't a bad move, no matter who they give up. Ranger prospects are always overrated and turn out to be busts or below average players.

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Lol I meant on the verge of acquiring him, not on the verge of competing.

Also, I just don't know what to make of the Rangers. They have promising you talent and a field that can really inflate some numbers. Just not sure if their offense is "real" or not. Same with the pitching staff, some bright spots but as a whole can they really keep up with the Angels and M's?

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The law of averages and the likelihood of things going wrong for someone means there should be at least one team who loses around 90 games in this division. But if you were simply looking at every team's roster and ignoring external factors, there isn't one I'd be comfortable in saying looks like a below .500 team.

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