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Vlad and the Hall of Fame


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Vladimir Guerrero: "Si me tocara elegir la gorra para ir a Cooperstown, seleccionaría a la de los Expos de Montreal." Attention: @jonahkeri

This was a tweet from Carlos Jose Lugo who is the assistant GM for a Dominican League team. Apparently Vlad said that on some show. My Spanish is bad but I gathered it means if Vlad could choose he would wear an Expos cap in Cooperstown if he gets in.

I ran it through translator and it didn't help much. Is that what the quote means? If so that's a bummer.

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He played 8 years in MON and 6 in LAA, with career stats as follows:


MON .323/.390/.978   234 HR, 702 RBI,  MVP 4, 6, 11, 13, 17, 24

LAA  .318/.381/.927   173 HR, 616 RBI,  MVP 1, 3, 3, 9, 14


Pretty close, and obviously better/greater stats given the two extra years he played in MON.  But his MVP and all his postseason experience is with LAA, which I would think factors in a lot.


Put an Angel hat on him dammit.




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It should be up to the player.

Are there other Expos in the HOF with the Montreal cap?

Seems like the Expos existence should be aknowleged in the Hall.



Isn't the "It should be up to the player" logic the reason Ryan is in the hall as a freaking Ranger?




That being said, it wouldn't bother me much if he went in as a member of the Expos. Vlad-Angels era was awesome, but clearly he made his reputation as one of the games best in Montreal.

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The reason it's not up to the player is because the HOF is a museum that is obligated to tell baseball's history as accurately as possible, regardless of a player's personal preference.


Wade Boggs, I believe, had something in this contract when he signed with the Rays about him wearing a Rays hat for the HOF, but Cooperstown nixed that for obvious reasons.

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His per year stats with the Halos weren't that much different from his Expos' per year numbers (.050 OPS difference), but he did win an MVP here and finished 3rd two other times.    His highest finish as an Expo was 4th.

In fact, his OPS+ was only .007 better with the Expos than with the Halos (.148 vs .141). 


He was better defensively and more dangerous stealing bases with the Expos.


And it was 6.5 seasons (not 8) that he played for the Expos, vs 6 seasons here.


Expos are already represented by Gary Carter.


I consider it 6 of one, half dozen of the other.

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