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Paris Shooting: 'Twelve people killed'


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"PARIS (AP) -- Masked gunmen stormed the Paris offices of a satirical newspaper Wednesday, killing 12 people before escaping, in France's deadliest terror attack in at least two decades.

French President Francois Hollande said the attack on the Charlie Hebdo weekly, which has frequently drawn condemnation from Muslims, is "a terrorist attack, without a doubt," and said several other attacks have been thwarted in France "in recent weeks."

France raised its alert to the highest level, and reinforced security at houses of worship, stores, media offices and transportation. Top government officials were holding an emergency meeting.

Paris prosecutor's spokeswoman Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre confirmed 12 people were killed.

Luc Poignant, an official of the SBP police union, said the attackers escaped in two vehicles. A witness, Benoit Bringer, told the iTele network he saw multiple masked men armed with automatic weapons at the newspaper's office in central Paris.

The extremist Islamic State group has threatened to attack France, and minutes before the attack Charlie Hebdo had tweeted a satirical cartoon of that extremist group's leader giving New Year's wishes. Charlie Hebdo has been repeatedly threatened for publishing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, among other controversial sketches, and its offices were firebombed in 2011."




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yeah, GB, that was interesting to hear this morning. because france is an EU country, a passport is not needed to travel to germany or switzerland or any other EU country. escape could be kind of easy for these barbarians.

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France seems to be a hotbed for Muslim extremeists.  Weren't there Muslim protests last year, and riots by that demographic?  


Good news is, it's in the Euro zone, so people will be free to come and go across borders.

 940 cars were torched by Muslim young men on New Year's Eve in France.


Car burnings are routine there. Very little reporting on it, since it's been going on for years now.

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take a long hard look at your future, everybody. 


the religion of peace.


my religion, Catholicism, failed to behead a single person this year. We really need to step our game up!


Jesus says, "Love your enemies."


Mohammed says, "Slay your enemies."


Islam is incompatible with civilization.

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You all need to calm down with the anti-islam business.  Please speak in generalities if you must speak of this incident at all.  I recommend something like "men with machine guns," or perhaps, "meanies."


This is simply another one of those very rare occasions where radical and extreme muslims have killed people who they don't like or who are not muslim.  There is nothing to be concerned about as this is a very small portion of a very big religion which has made great inroads into the west, specifically Europe.


To blame any muslim for this attack is islamophobic and racist.  Let them do as they please and eventually they will like us.

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