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Looking for a good town to rent a beach house for vacation

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I usually visit the area every other summer for vacation. We usually hit up Disneyland and a few of the other usual spots, as well as catching a couple of games. This year I was planning on renting a beach house instead of staying at a DL Hotel. My SIL, BIL, and their kids might be joining us.

So I am looking for advice on where to look for a rental. I stayed in Newport at the Marriott on Pelican Hill last time. Loved the area, but looks like it is hard to find weekly rentals. Most places are monthly rentals and very expensive. Huntington Beach looks good, but never have been there.

Any advice would be appreciated

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Google says look here.




Or you could try craigslist.  Never used either for a week rental though, so buyer beware.


I like Laguna more than Newport.  Although that is further down the coast.  Other option if you are feeling adventerous is going towards the Venice, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica Area.  Of course if you go that route, driving to the game will be the biggest PitA.  

Another option, and I have no idea how you would do this.  Be a baller and rent a yacht.  I know some rent them out so that they can pay for their slips.  For the larger yachts, I think you have to have a crew onboard at all times.  So renting it out might be a good way for them to pay the bills.  Plus maybe you could arrange for a one day fishing trip.

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There will be plenty of families on the peninsula. Yes it's a party place, especially on weekends around the pier area bars and pretty much everywhere on the 4th of July, but there are plenty of quiet areas. East of the pier (like 20th and lower) is mellow. Oceanfront past 36th doesn't have a boardwalk so those places would be much more private and mellow.

We went every year as a kid and I loved it. I loved down there for a few years a while back and loved it again. My family still rents down there occasionally and I wouldn't think twice about bringing a family. Plus, you're an easy walk or bike ride to tons of restaurants and bars (if you can get some adult time).

And if you are Hispanic and want to swim in your jeans and t-shirt there's even a designated spot just for you right next to the pier.


Comedy gold right there.

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Balboa Island. 


Great for young kids. 


Bayfront is nice and if you want to go to the beach, it's a short walk and ferry ride. 


Fun shops on the main drag with some decent food options.  Balboa bars or frozen bananas at dads.  Great breakfast burritos at picante martins.  


Corona Del Mar tide pools close by.  Fun zone across the ferry.  Harbor cruises.  Kayaking. 


Shopping and movie theater at Fashion Island. 


Disneyland and Angel stadium are about 20-30mins.  We also take the kids to knotts.  It cheap and fun 


Could be a bit boring for older kids, but mine are 3 and 5 and they love it.  Wife and I bring a cooler to the bay front with a few 'sodas' and sit in a beach chair while the kids run around.  Lots of people during the summer but still feels pretty quiet and relaxing. 


Try vrbo.com or airbnb when the time gets a little closer.

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How is Ventura? My friend told me his coworker rented a place on the beach there and loved it.


A bit north of where I was looking, but doesn't seem that far.


How is the traffic there?


Are you hoping to attend Angels games while you are here?  If so, that affects many of the suggestions offered here. 

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