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2015 Will Be a Telling Year for Freese


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A contract year and one in which, unless Beckham returns, it looks like the utility IF (Featherson most likely) will come in for defensive reasons at 2nd base. I wish Freese a monster year and good health.

.275/360/450 is what I'm guessing. Thoughts?

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first 35 games of 2014

.203 avg/.536 ops 5 xbh

the next 99 games


I'd take the latter all day long.

In today's game, with such diminished offense, a .768 OPS from a third baseman (playing half his games in Anaheim, no less) would be huge. With just average defense (something Freese unfortunately doesn't provide), that would make for a 5-WAR player.

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I think what a lot of people are forgetting is that Freese was still playing with a hurt back for the first half of the year.  Granted, it wasn't debilitating, but we saw that his decline in numbers with the Cardinals were real and that this ailment was absolutely a contributing factor.  


We saw in the second half of the year what he's capable of doing when he feels good.  I can't predict whether or not he'll remain uninjured or if this issue with the back will flare up again, but if he's healthy, now that he's adjusted to the AL and the Angels, I could see average defense and .275/.350 with 25 DB's and 15 HR's.

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It's lonely being on the Grant Green bandwagon, but I think he'll eventually be a decent defender somewhere. He has the arm, glove, frame, instincts (only at SS) and range (fringe at SS) to be a good defender. He just needs experience. I don't think he can be a good utility infielder because he'd be bad at every spot besides SS, where he'd be fringe.

The best thing the Angels could do right now is to stick him at one spot and tell him to stay there and learn it.

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I'd love to see Green turn into a serviceable 3bman.  I think if the halos thought that was in the cards they would have moved forward differently. 

Never understood trading for Freese...I thought giving Green a shot at 3b made a lot of sense...obviously DiPoto and staff disagreed....

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They've been uncertain about how to use Green ever since August 2013. Will that ever change?

it's been an issue since the guy came up.  


He's a serviceable SS and has always been.  Serviceable meaning he'd probably rate out below average over time.  


And the theory is generally that if you can be a decent SS, you'd probably be an even better 2b or 3bman.  


In Green's case, this hasn't panned out and I think it's because he's played so much SS over the years he got ok at it whereas his natural defensive ability isn't that great.  So, as Scotty said, stick him at either 2b or 3b, but not all over the place.  I'd prefer 3rd if he's got some aptitude for it.  Even if he starts the year in AAA.  

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