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In defense of Jepsen

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every bullpen guy is going to blow it from time to time. there aint no sure things. this guy is the best we have- 3 out pitches, fastball 94-97 and since he got his balky knee repaired he has become a quality reliever. our only true power arm in bullpen. i have more confidence with him out there than probably any other reliver in our suspect bull pen, especially some douchebag, nibbling lefthander.


you guys need a focus for your anger over last nights loss? take a look at the lack of ability of this team to drive in runners. its been going on for season after season and demonstrates the gutless quality of this team made up of bored, apathetic millionares.  the bull pen could overachive if they had any hope of holding something more than a 1 run lead.

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I agree with your first point to some degree. I'm still not 100% sold on Jepsen, but it was one (REALLY) bad outing and he's been good recently.


But as far as the anger over last night's loss, while the offense definitely should have done more, Jepsen turned a 1 run lead into a 4 run deficit before he could get 1 out.


He's a perfectly acceptable target for last night.

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I didn't understand the pitching change at all, and then to bring him in and have him play games with the runner (pick off throw, pitch out, etc) before even throwing a pitch with 2 outs seemed micromanaged.  That said, he sucked.

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pitching change from downs to jepsen had me wondering at the time. why not have downs finish the inning, then jepsen in the 8th?

hindsight's always 20/20 but i think the major problem is the lack of ability of this team to drive in runners. it makes my hair fall out to see em load the bases with no outs and come up with nothing. looks to me like this shit is a consistent year to year problem and if the organzational goal is truly to win they need to change it.

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