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Car Detailing

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Yeah, you got ripped.

At worst you should have paid for a full blown detail at that price. The main thing is the external waxings. The inside is usually a secondary cost that is a minimal add on.

I used to have a personal detailer that came to my office once a week and did everything perfect for that price and then I'd tip him on top.

Maybe they put some magical Meguiars on the interior that lasts a month.

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You guys don't know much about car detailing (Which is why there's such a spectrum of skills and compensation that doesn't always match up). Like a lot of things, you need to know a lot to know whether or not you're getting value. $100, $200... you can't go by dollar amount. You have to go by what you want and what it costs to get it done right. There's guys out there that get $100/hr or more and are worth it. There's also guys getting $12 an hour who are worth it and others who you're being foolish if you let them touch your car.

Detailers are like painters in that they can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. Pick'em wisely.

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I have a red car right now. In the past I always bought white. Next car will be in the white to cream spectrum. Just too much effort keeping anything else looking good.


A couple FYI's that I know. Clearcoat is about the thickness of a post-it and like all finishes, thinner on edges. Don't let a guy use a rotary buffer to, what detailers call, 'wheel' your paint. A good detailer should use a random orbit polisher (probably either a Fein or a Rupes) and shouldn't run the polisher through edges/high points. Wax is for car enthusiasts, good detailers use quality sealants and coatings. Fabrics and carpet need to be cleaned with products that afterwards don't attract dirt. It might be better to have a carpet cleaner do these if your not sure your detailer is properly trained.

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