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Justin Upton to the Padres

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@JeffPassan: Sources: Braves finishing up a Justin Upton trade.

@JonHeymanCBS: braves now in serious talks involving justin upton with unknown team as @JeffPassan said

Right now it's a mystery team but I'm guessing it between the A's, Mariners, Rangers or maybe even Baltimore

Will edit title when team is revealed

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Apparently it's not the A's, Mariners, or Rangers


Mark Bowman ‏@mlbbowman 2m2 minutes ago

Early indication is that J-Up is not going to the A's, Mariners or Rangers. Sounds like the Padres are still a possibility



Not sure why SD would trade young pieces for 1 year of Upton, but who knows


There's rumors that it's to an AL West team....but if it's not the A's, Mariners, or Rangers, that leaves the Astros and the Angels. Deal is apparently headlined by young pitching

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For the record it's some guy from Fangraphs who said that it's an AL West team according to his source.


Kiley McDaniel @kileymcd  Â·  9h 9 hours ago

AL Source: Braves appear to be down the road on a deal sending Justin Upton to an AL West club for a package headlined by young pitching.



Haven't seen any of the more well known writers say this...just a few who have ruled out certain teams. A's, Mariners, Astros, and Rangers apparently not the team.


Still think it's the Padres. Angels make little sense considering it would cost young pitching to acquire him

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Mark Bowman @mlbbowman  Â·  1m 1 minute ago

It does seem like the #Padres are the most likely club to get J-Up. If so, the #Braves have interest in Hedges, Wisler, Fried and Renfroe.



Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN 36s37 seconds ago

The Cubs are not the mystery Justin Upton team. If it's the Padres: SD determined weeks ago it's OK to play Kemp in CF, if necessary.



Kemp playing CF in PETCO? Lol

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Why are the Padres doing all this? I am so confused.


They were a sub .500 team. That is a lot of ground to make up ... and they massively hemorrhaged their future it seems. Might be a fun team to watch though.


Guess we'll be getting Seth Smith to platoon with Ruggiano in RF then.

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Jon Heyman ‏@JonHeymanCBS 3s4 seconds ago Manhattan, NY

lhp max fried, ss jace peterson, 3b dustin peterson, of mallex smith going to braves for justin upon and low-level player



Pads didn't end up trading any of their top 3 prospects(Renfroe, Wisler, Hedges). Nicely done


They have way too many catchers and OFers now, all the while still having all of their big name prospects. Padres not done making moves

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