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Anti Islam March in Dresden

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This piece from the guardian indicates that there were 15k people.


What's interesting is that quite a few of the people protesting are not from some extreme far right party, but average folks fed up with their immigration policy.



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Immigration is just as much of an issue in Europe as it is in the US. Since Qadafi went away the boats run refugees to Italy by the thousands every month and still others risk brutal trips through the desert to get to Gibraltar and then on to Spain. The world conquering imperialist chickens are coming home to roost.

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why doesn't president merkel just issue an executive order allowing all of them amnesty? i mean, that's how you're supposed to handle this situation, right?


Naw, that's not how they do it there.  They will realize that the more humane way to go is to put all of Europe and Africa under the German flag.

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why doesn't president merkel just issue an executive order allowing all of them amnesty? i mean, that's how you're supposed to handle this situation, right?


Yes.  Because that would be a nice thing to do.  Plus, everything is free and nothing costs anything so, why not?  It's worked out well for California.  This state has more room and money than it knows what to do with.  And our unburdened public schools are thriving!!!

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  • 3 weeks later...

After the events of yesterday, it is quite clear all Muslims should be expelled from the West. 




Lawrence Auster (God rest his soul) laid out a pretty good plan on the matter, months before his death. 


>I therefore will propose to the Congress tomorrow the following measures, which shall be called the American Freedom from Islam Act.


  • With the exception of immediate family members of U.S. citizens, diplomatic personnel, and temporary visitors for business and other legitimate purposes, all entry into the United States of foreign persons known or determined to be followers of the religion of Islam, whatever their nationality or country of residence, shall cease.


  • Any Muslim person with a temporary visa for business or diplomacy who advocates or promotes jihad shall lose his visa.


  • Any resident alien who openly espouses jihad or who participates in any pro-jihad activities or organizations will lose his residency status and be deported.


  • No resident alien who adheres to, or who on investigation is reasonably suspected of adhering to, the doctrine of jihad, will be naturalized as a U.S. citizen. In order to be naturalized, Muslims will be required to state under oath that they totally reject the doctrine of jihad and have no association with pro-jihad activities and pro-jihad persons.


  • Naturalized citizens, whether they were naturalized before or after the passage of this law, who associate with jihad supporters or participate in pro-jihad activities, have shown that their oath of loyalty to the United States was fraudulent. Their citizenship shall be revoked and they shall be deported.


  • All mosques, Islamic centers and schools that promote jihad or sharia in any form will be closed.


  • The United States shall encourage the voluntary departure of Muslim naturalized citizens and their native-born descendants by offering all Muslim persons over the age of eighteen $50,000 each in a one-time fee to give up any claim of U.S. residency or citizenship, to return to their native land, and never to seek to return. The federal government will assure that departing Muslims will receive a fair market price for their real property, investments, and other property that they must sell prior to leaving the United States.
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