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Sorry, Wade LeBlanc fans...

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how old is LeBlanc?--he can go over there -- make some money -- wonder what the full contract ends up being if he hits all the incentive targets? -- must be a lot more than what he was getting offered here -- but he can go over there, get a chance to pitch in a rotation every fourth/ fifth day and perhaps show some MLB teams what he can do and rejuvenate his MLB career.....others have done it.

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Honestly surprised he signed over there. Genuinely surprised (not joking). Showed real signs of legitimate starting rotation potential last season.


I'm not surprised. DiPoto just added a boatload of pitchers making it tougher for LeBlanc to ever see the rotation again. I would have left too.

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I'm not surprised. DiPoto just added a boatload of pitchers making it tougher for LeBlanc to ever see the rotation again. I would have left too.


If it is about money I understand but he could have legitimately sold himself to some team that need starting pitching. It wasn't just about the Angels. His performance for us last season was strong and it pointed to a change in his performance that was potentially sustainable and good.


Oh well what's done is done.

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On 12/13/2014 at 1:53 PM, arch stanton said:

When I was in Japan in the 80's Warren Cromartie and Bill Gullickson were stars there. I wonder if that's still the standard level.

In 2015 (NPB era), Ohtani-san hit a home run from Leblanc. In another game, both Ohtani-san and LeBlanc played as starters.

The following includes jokes.

Warren Cromartie appeared from 1:15 and 3:55.
By the way, the last batter (from 1:37) was a 2-way player. Ohtani-san couldn't hit her fastball. 


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3 hours ago, arch stanton said:


Remember this guy? Check out those numbers from 1985 & 86

Of course I remember Randy Bass well.
In 1985, Hanshin Tigers, to which he belongs, won the Japan Series due to his great contributions.  He was named MVPs for both the regular season and the Japan Series.
His batting average in 1986 is the highest record in NPB until now, and he won the Triple Crown (HR/BA/RBI) in 1985 and 1986.

Back-to-back-to-back home runs, starting with Bass (April, 17. 1985)
Center fielder was Cromartie.


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On 12/11/2021 at 1:10 AM, arch stanton said:

I had seen him play with the Denver Bears in 1982 then he was all the talk in Japanese baseball as they expected him to challenge Sadaharu Oh’s home run record that season. Many of those 67 wslks came at that point 

As Bass reached 54 home runs late in the 1985 NPB season, Yomiuri Giants pitchers stopped throwing strikes to him.
This was not due to racism or nationalism, but to loyalty to the Yomiuri Giants' manager Sadaharu Oh, who held the NPB record 55 home runs at the time.

Bass adapted to NPB and set excellent records, but LeBlanc could not adapt and was DFA soon.

 (April 22 2015)  From 2:02,  LeBlanc vs Ohtani  in NPB


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