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Did Howie give AngelsWin a shout out?


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Kendrick was very good in his years here. He wasn't the superstar we all hoped he would be but had he played for Boston or New York, he'd have been a multiple time All-Star and very highly regarded. Guys like Kendrick and Aybar will get forgotten on the left coast, at least in the national media. 


He hit in the high .280's to low 300's with an OBP usually 40 points higher than that, and had some pop in his bat, but wasn't a 30 HR machine.  He had the 4th highest WAR of 2B in MLB last year. He's consistent, and a much better defender than people give him credit for.


Still, with the Angels needing some payroll flexibility and getting what they got in return, it's a good trade. Sad to see him go, and I'd be happier if they still had Beckham, but that's ok. 

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Kendrick has been so approachable in the clubhouse and field to us over the years. 


The first person I interviewed in the clubhouse back in 2009 with Howie Kendrick. He was incredibly friendly and gave me a good interview. 


I believe he was to Dave Saltzer as well. 


Who knows if he's hashtagging us or not, but he knows we're the good guys! :)

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Very sad to see him go. Howie was a big part of the clubhouse—an all around great player. I'm sure it wasn't easy for Jerry to trade him, but I hope he re-signs with the Halos after his stint with the Doyyers.

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He shouldn't.  Now that he has been traded the spin about how he wasn't that good has already begun.



Yes.  Yes I am.  


In my experience it's more common for forum commenters to complain about players when they're on the team, then turn around and talk about how great they were after they leave (i.e., complain about the trade too)

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I'm not sure how my quote fit into that last post but ... yeah.

F'n Android app again... when typing the soft keyboard completely covers up the post area meaning there's no choice but to post "blind" =(

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As a player, Howie frustrated me at the plate in clutch situations, but made me happy when he led off an inning. He was a table setter. He got the ball rolling. In the field, he was about as solid a player as they come.


As a person, Howie has always been a class act, and those words are just further proof. I'm sure the #Angelswin hashtag was no accident and was a shout out.

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