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Angels Official Website: Busy at Winter Meetings, Angels aren't done 'getting better'

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The Angels didn't go into the Winter Meetings expecting much activity, then they traded their longtime second baseman, acquired one of baseball's best pitching prospects, found a left-handed bat, a backup catcher and a couple of utility infielders. Now they have a wealth of starting pitching depth and are roughly $15 million below the luxury-tax threshold, which begs the question: What's next?

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What else did your crystal ball tell you?

It tells me that when your team gets swept out of the playoffs in embarrassing fashion and not only do you not make moves to get better, but you give up your rather good starting 2nd baseman while the teams in your division are improving, you aren't going to do much of anything the next year. 

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The bullpen to start 2015 is much better than it was to start 2014.

Hopefully, the rotation will have enough stability to continue to be an asset.

Hopefully, Pujols and Hackilton get back some of what they used to supply.


All of that easily counteracts losing Kendrick.


We did get swept by the Royals in the ALDS.    The O's also got swept in the ALCS by the Royals.

It was just their year, until running into the Giants.

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Obviously there's a lot of things we could seek to improve: an ace or just a replacement for CJ, a second baseman, a long term third baseman, a left power bat or lead off bat to move everyone down a spot, and another lefty reliever. I'm not sure who, but I think Jerry finds a nice leadoff hitter to push Calhoun, Trout, and Pujols down a spot in the lineup and maybe a starter to replace CJ. 

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Our rotation is a question mark, even though it was a strength last year. We have Weaver, Wilson, and Shoemaker as our 1-2-3 right now while we wait for Richards and Skaggs to heal. Richards will be back at some point during the season, but Skaggs won't be back until 2016. That leaves us with Tropeano, Santiago, Rasmus, and Heaney battling for the last 2 spots. That leaves a lot to be desired. Santiago and Heaney probably have an edge in the battle, as they have pretty dang good upside. But how much growing pain will we go through next year while they try and figure it out? Santiago was decent for a stretch last year, but all in all was very inconsistent.

Then you toss out the fact that our anchor at 2nd Base has been traded. Who replaces him? Do they give it to Green and see how he does? Or do they let him and Rutledge split time? I personally hate time shares, but whatever works... I think one, or both, should be able to produce at least 80% of what Kendrick produced for us last year. Also allows us to bat Green 2nd and Trout third.

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