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CJ Wilson available for trade...


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Reports Jon Heyman.  Angels aiming higher???


"Angels left-hander C.J. Wilson is available in trade, rival GMs say, causing some to wonder whether they might be trying to set things up for a big run at a bigger pitcher, either via free agency (Max Scherzer, James Shields) or trade."




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"Good Luck"

Sums it up right there and I agree, I can't believe anyone would want him. I think his second half of last season is the CJ any team trading for him would get.

I'm glad to see JD is trying though and recognizes the need for another SP.

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This is only happening if the Angels eat some of his contract. Obviously they'd love for someone to eat all of his salary so they could go out and sign Lester (or lord forbid Scherzer or Shields) but that just won't happen. I'd be okay if they traded CJ, ate $5 million of his contract, and signed someone like McCarthy. Or they trade him and try to save as much money as they can and then still sign Lester and go slightly above the tax threshold. 

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As I mentioned in the Primer Wilson, despite his inconsistent results in 2014, is a left-handed 200 inning workhorse who is projected to about 1.5 WAR in 2015. That has value on the trade market.


Now, as I suggested in the Primer and wopphil mentioned above, the Angels will need to eat salary to move him. It'd be difficult to do so otherwise. However if the team ate $10MM-$20MM of his contract they could definitely get something useful back.

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The funny thing that most people don't realize, the Angels and Butcher were able to identify at least part of what they felt was causing Wilson's control issues and robbed him of the bite on his breaking ball.

Wilson was unwilling to alter his approach. He's always said he knows himself better than anyone. The Angels were always fine with this because in the past he could self-regulate and figure it out. But last year he couldn't.

It just made Scioscia and Dipoto uncomfortable to not have any say I think.

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