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Big Papi and a Big Panda?


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David Ortiz signed a one year contract for 2015 with two club option years but at 39 and his skills diminishing it looks like the Red Sox are phasing out the Big Papi for a Big Panda.


According to sources the Red Sox have offered Pablo Sandoval a 5/95 contract. San Francisco has been reported to have offered 5/90 and the Padres 5/100+ but Sandoval is leaning towards Boston because they have a DH role waiting along with fried chicken. 


Ortiz has been in decline but as long as he is still hitting home runs and Sandoval can play a decent 3rd base, the combo should be very productive for the Red Sox which should drag them out of the AL East dungeon and back into the race. Once Ortiz falters, Sandoval will be ready to slip into the DH role, something neither the Giants or Padres can offer a guy with weight issues.


Sandoval already declined the Qualifying offer so it looks like the Giants will be getting the Red Sox number 7 draft pick. Sandoval helps them win the World Series then they win a high draft pick if he leaves. Talk about win/win.






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Random stat about Big Papi: In 2014 he had his highest HR total (35) since 2007 (also 35).


Its hard to say if he's really in decline as his BABIP was abnormally low this year. He hit .263/.355/.517 with 35 HR, a 135 wRC+ and a .256 BABIP. Compare that to 2013 when he hit .309/.395/.564 with a 152 wRC+ and a .321 BABIP. Chances are he bounces back a bit - my guess is .280/.370/.540.


Second stat about Ortiz: Among players age 34 and older (2010 for Ortiz), Papi is tied with Edgar Martinez for 14th all-time in wRC+ at 147.

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The Red Sox are playing it safe with the contract they offered Papi, the team options are based on not only his physical condition but also plate appearances. It's a smart move since the chance of a guy his age having a season ending injury gets higher every year.


Even if he is in decline, not many DH's match his output. Couple him with another decent bat and the offense no longer relies on him alone to drive in runners but the Red Sox are going to be one slow ass team in the MOTO. With Papi, Panda and Naps all on the basepaths at the same time the seismic stress could sink Fenway into the Charles river.

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Panda would probably do well in Fenway.


But I hear that San Diego also is getting into the bidding.


Sandoval in pitcher's park -- San Diego?  That would cause a downturn in his career.


Panda hit ok down the stretch , mid-August/ September and then in the post-season.


but before that, he was either on the DL or a no show at the plate.........he's a big fan favorite at AT&T and sells a lot of those Panda hats for the Giants concessions......but if he signed elsewhere for a huge contract -- I think it benefits the SF Giants -- they've gotten the best out of him and don't need to tie up payroll for a few years to pay for past service.


Now, Panda may go to Boston and tear it up, get off to a great start and then just rip opposition AL pitching at Fenway -- but that wouldn't mean he'd be doing the same thing at AT&T in 2015 and certainly not at Petco Park in San Diego.

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