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Jordan Zimmermann for Kendrick and a Bullpen Arm Possible?

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Ken Rosenthal posted a story this morning about 5 teams that may be interested in Scherzer.  The Angels aren't listed as one, however within the story he lists the Nationals as a potential interested team.  He notes that Zimmermann has rejected their proposals for an extension.  If the Nationals look to pursue Scherzer, Rosenthal says they will look to move Zimmermann.  The one trade he notes to make sense is Zimmermann to the Angels for Howie Kendrick and a bullpen arm.  He seems to think both teams would talk about that deal.


Personally, that is a move you do everyday of the week if you are the Angels.  Even if Zimmermann leaves after the year, you definitely extend the qualifying offer and pick up a 1st round pick, which they won't do for Kendrick.  We also have deep RH RP bullpen depth to move guys from. 

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Interesting idea... the Nats are deep in that regard, i dont know thier farm system to know whats in thw wings or how deep that really goes, but if they felt that Howie might be a significant upgrade on the offensive side, it might make some sense.
Might also be wishful thinking on my part but it does make some sense if they are deep enough and can help themselves in other areas

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In Part II of my Primer article I actually suggest this exact trade as a method of replacing Kendrick's production, so I'm on board.

As a matter of fact, Zimmermann's season this year was the outlier. Steamer projects him at 2.9 WAR, which is .3 below Kendrick's projection of 3.2 WAR. If you believe Zimmermann has finally turned some corner then you value him higher.

Also Zimmermann will cost $16MM, $7MM more than Howie. If you believe they are equal producers then you could make an argument that the Nat's should throw something in instead of us (I'm not advocating this just pointing out the disparity in salary).

The Nat's are certainly a prime candidate (one of the few I might add) for a Kendrick trade. I could easily see Kendrick and Jepsen being moved to them for ?????.

An alternative trade would be Kendrick for OF prospect Steven Souza (Steamer projection of 2.2 WAR). We then move Hamilton to primarily DH duty and trade Cron for pitching (not advocating this one either just pointing out to readers in the Primer that the loss of Kendrick doesn't mean a complete loss of production for the team overall).

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