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Brandon Wood

Erstad Grit

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one of the last reclamation projects at the Sugar Land Skeeters -- if I am remembering this right, was a former LHP signed by the Halos after being among the league leaders in strikeouts for about three seasons -- the guy had something like an 0-3 record with an ERA of 14.50 or something with the Skeeters.


Not too much after that (in 2014) he was winning something like 16 games for the Oakland A's and pitched very effectively at times (before kinda of trailing off at the end of the season).


Scott Kazmir.

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wood was a total feast or famine kind of player, like a modern-day roy hobbs minus the storybook ending and the unknown chick who shoots him.


he burst on the scene in the minors, but was pretty much done by the time he hit anaheim. such a weird career arc.

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I'll never understand how he flopped so bad. He was so good in the minors, at young ages at every level. And I realize he struck out a fair amount, but it wasn't an exorbitant amount (and he had acceptable walk rates).

I never understand how people talk suggest that we should have seen him coming. In hindsight, there were flaws that we underplayed a little much. But I'll never understand how someone who put up a .970 OPS at AAA as a 23-year-old, which came both after and before excellent seasons at AAA and also after huge campaigns at other minor league levels, just stopped being able to hit. In '09 his AAA OPS was .910, in 2010 he went back there on that rehab assignment and it was just .496 in 54 PA. You can talk about holes in his swing and whatever, but someone who had a .970 OPS at AAA in 2013 shouldn't be putting up a .314 OPS at independent ball just six years later. It's one of the most perplexing tales you'll ever come across and I've always felt so damn sorry for him over it.

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Who was a bigger bust, Wood or McPherson?


IMO Wood was definitely a bigger bust than McPherson.


They were similar hitters in the minors (Dallas was better) but Wood was the shortstop, and McPherson wasn't much on defense.


A major problem with Brandon, that I remember pointing out about a year or two before he came up, was that he wasn't hitting enough at AAA to stick at third base, and he wasn't a strong enough defender to stick at short. Unfortunately his complete lack of hitting ability after that made his defense a non-issue.

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