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Robert Plant rips up $300 million contract to play 35 date tour


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i think for some people it's a bucket list kind of thing. i never got to see elton john in his prime, but i've seen him a couple of times since (in the 90s), and it was worth going. same with billy joel back in '99. they couldn't hit the high notes like in their younger days, but it was special to see them live.


i saw that neil diamond is touring again, and am not going. wife and i saw him around 1990 and he was already old then. now? scary as all get out.


i agree with the comment about the stones. i don't want to see 75 year old rock stars. i would only make an exception for paul mccartney.

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The Song Remains The Same is one of my favorite background videos for when I'm cooking or goofing around the house. I could probably recite it word for word. I also saw them live in '77 even though I was a bit young to appreciate the whole experience. I think seeing them try to re-enact the old days would make me wish for Stallone and company to hop off the set of Expendables XXII  and put them all out of my misery.

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I saw Paul McCartney a few years back and then again this summer. Dude is still awesome at 70. For some of us, Zeppelin hasn't toured since we've been adults. I'd pay to see them now, regardless if Plant's voice hasn't aged well. It's like seeing history live.

Like Pink Floyd, if they toured again today I'd pay whatever to see then (even though I saw them in '94).

And for these older bands... This is probably the last chance to make it happen.

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I've always wondered why bands like the Rolling Stones still tour. They don't need the money...is the fame and adoration that much of a drug?




Plant stands up to leave, but turns on his heel. "Do you know why the Eagles said they’d reunite when 'hell freezes over,' but they did it anyway and keep touring?” he asks. "It’s not because they were paid a fortune. It’s not about the money. It’s because they’re bored. I’m not bored."

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Saw Page and Plant in '98 in support of "Walking into Clarksdale"...got my Zeppelin fix...here's the setlist


  1. (Led Zeppelin cover)
  2. (Led Zeppelin cover)
  3. (Led Zeppelin cover)
  4. (Led Zeppelin cover)
  6. (Led Zeppelin cover)
  8. (Led Zeppelin cover)
  9. (Led Zeppelin cover)
  10. (Led Zeppelin cover)
  12. (Joan Baez cover)
  13. (Led Zeppelin cover)
  14. ([traditional] cover)
  16. (Led Zeppelin cover)
  17. Encore:
  18. (Led Zeppelin cover)
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As a gigging musician myself I get why these guys keep playing - I cant imagine ever stopping - even if I were rich - I'd play for the thrill of playing music it's kind of a healthy addiction - as for Zep - to me there is no Zep without John Bonham


Agreed. Playing live is such a blast - it would be hard to give up after doing it your entire life.

Money is a huge part, but it's also all they know.


Like for myself, I've been a successful male model/stripper/POG champion for so long I just don't know how I would handle the retirement life.

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