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Blue Jays have "placed multiple calls" about Howie Kendrick.

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Why assume farm?
We have a window we need to exploit, re-stocking the farm is nice and all, but im pretty sure Howie as a top 5 2B WAR wise should get a mid rotation guy or something to help the ML club now.
He can block that deal so there would be some details to figure out if at all... but im not thinking prospects in a howie trade unless they are there to balance out the main pieces.

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From their major league roster, Drew Hutchison would probably be the mid rotation arm worth getting. Jays won't deal Stroman for Kendrick


I'm not sure I'd want to deal Kendrick for Hutch though. He's still a bit unproven. Think the Halos are better holding onto Kendrick and signing a mid tier FA SP this offseason tbh

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I believe that Howie wants to go to a team that has a chance.  That is why the Rays, Marlins and Mets are also on his no trade clause.  Clubs work around "no trade clauses" all the time.  All it takes is some flexibility and some money for Howie. 

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It would be on mine too considering the currency exchange and taxes up there.

If taxes were the main issue Howie would prefer going to Texas, Houston, Miami or Tampa Bay. My guess is that issue is secondary to competitiveness. 

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Toronto:  Hi, Is Tony Reagins available?

Angels: Excuse me?

Toronto: Hahahahaha... *click*


Toronto:  Hi Jerry, we're interested in reacquiring Vernon Wells if he's available.

Jerry: Very funny.

Toronto:  Hahahahha... *click*


Toronto: Hi Jerry we're really interested in Howie Kendrick.

Jerry: What do you have in mind?

Toronto:  How about a case of our world famous maple syrup? Hahahaha... *click*

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