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Definition of "Rondon"


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I'm a bit upset by the egregious misuse of the word "Rondon." As I said in the thread, Cesar Ramos--as a 30-year old middle reliever--is not a Rondon, nor is NickTropeano, both for different reasons, which will become clear in a moment.


Here's the official definition of a

(please click link for important information):

A prospect, generally young and in the low minors, that is only known to diehard fans of the organization, and thus tends to be overrated by such fans. As a general rule, the perceived potential of a Rondon by the fans is always higher than their actual ability (*see note). Consequently, the trading of Rondons often leads to fanrage due to said tendency to overrate Rondons. Rondons are often, but not always, Latin American middle infielders with limited hitting abilities--usually the ability to hit for decent average, some speed, but little power or plate discipline. They tend to be relatively plentiful, especially in the low minors.


*Note: A player who ends up being as good as or better than their perceived potential as a minor leaguer, cannot be a Rondon. A player that becomes better in the majors than expected as a prospect is known as a "Calhoun." Some players can be retro-actively assigned the label of Rondon if their major league performance level does not live up to hoped for potential (see "Segura, Jean" and "Rodriguez, Sean").


Current Rondons possibly include: Exicardo Cayones, Ismael Dionicio, Ranyelma Mendoza, Angel Rosa, Erick Salcedo, Miguel Hermosillo, Franklin Torres, Goldny Mills, Darlyn Mota, etc.


Sherman Johnson is an interesting case, because at this point he is both a Rondon and a Calhoun.



A third term may be of relevance - A Chevy, which is a prospect who self-perceives a greater degree of potential than the player actually has.

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They are all Rondons, simply put trading chips. We traded a lower level Calhoun for a couple on Rondons. You may disagree but then AO will have to come up with a nickname for you like Angelsjunkseverything.


You don't understand, these are trading chips.




If someone gives you these for Christmas, you trade them for something more edible.

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