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What the kind of music you listen to says about your intelligence

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I don't understand this.

You take a school, get the students' average SAT score, and then count which band that school's students have given the most Facebook likes?

How is this study even remotely scientific?

Smart people prefer Coldplay to Queen?

F*ck you

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The problem with this is it's probably accurate, but when you tell people you're taking a music poll everyone is going to want to sound smarter.

I know people that listen to rap that are smarter than chemists, I also know people that listen to rap that are dumber than rocks.

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Music at its most fundamental level is mathematical, in all ways.

Most art is, if you think about it.

I disagree.

I was one of the ones you mention. I was always one level minded with arts, but I loved music. I happened to make a lot of money and buy pro gear and dedicated a lot of time towards playing bass. I could play just about anything but couldn't write shit musically because I looked at music mathematically.

When I wrote music it was mathematical, so I didn't do of have that flow. I thought I could get away with it as a bass player, but learned the hard way with a few musicians. I even started taking classical piano lessons to better understand theory to write, but I was too conceptual and never had an artists flow.

Even with my ear things were black or white, this chord or that chord, this note or that note.

It always tripped me out because absolute moron pothead guys could kill me and I never understood it.

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I'm a classically trained musician, have released a moderately successful album and I love Beethoven..

But at a bar I unleash Britney Spears "Toxic," 50 Cent "In Da Club" and 'Informer" by Snow any chance I get.

So I'm cool with falling into the dumb category. Dumb is more fun anyway.

I licky boom boom down!

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People that think they're smarter than others based solely on their music preference bug me. One of my friends basically thinks that anyone who isn't interested in jazz or classical is a sheep, and listening to other types of music is a waste of time because they're "inferior."

I make sure to blast Kendrick Lamar whenever he's in my car

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