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Help for those who've been scammed


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the UN wants to make things up to you. in fact, they sent me this letter today to let me know help is on the way.






copy of your response to official email: un1930@zipmail.com.br


This mail serves as a listening ear to the victims of scam all over the world.
We have been having a meeting for the past 7 months which ended 2 days ago with
the secretary general of the United Nations Organization.

This message is to all the people that have been scammed in any part of the
world, the United Nations have agreed to compensate them with the sum of
US$350,000.00 This includes every foreign contractors that may not have received
their contract sum, and people that have had an unfinished transaction or
international businesses that failed due to Government problems etc. We have a
database of victims and that is why we are contacting you.

This has been deliberated upon and is among our set of priorities in making the
world a better place. You are advised to contact Mr.Jim Ovia, of ZENITH BANK
PLC, as he is our representative in Nigeria, contact him immediately for your
Cheque / International Bank Draft of USD$350,000. These funds are in a Bank
Draft for security purpose. It will be sent to you and you can clear it in any
bank of your choice.

Contact Mr. Jim Ovia immediately for your check.

Person to Contact Mr. Jim Ovia
Email: onlineoffice2016@gmail.com
Phone: +234-811-514-0252

Good luck and kind regards,

Making the world a better place

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

Questa e-mail è priva di virus e malware perché è attiva la protezione avast!


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Boy, you guys are soooo lucky to get these emails offering money.  Why can't I get these official emails?


The world is cruel sometimes.


I thought I was the only one that didn't get any of these!!!  Shucks, I must have poor relatives all over the world, since nobody wants to give me hundreds of thousands(or Millions) of dollars!!!

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Hey Tank, Mr. Jim Ovia wrote back!




Attn Mr Pujols:

It is my pleasure to inform you that i got your mail and all the content was well understood. I write to confirm to you that your check is here with the Zenith Bank of Nigeria PLC, I have been waiting to hear from you as to direct me on how to send the Cheque to you.
Yes, there was a meeting and the United Nations agreed to pay you and other beneficiaries US$ 350,000.00 for all you troubles and scams which you might have passed through as your name is on the list of people having such problems.
So they kept a Cashiers cheque of $350,000.00 United States Dollars for your compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to complete the transaction that never went through or that which you were scammed in.
However you are required to reconfirm your details..
The needed information is asked below :-

DIRECT PHONE:.....................
COUNTRY :................................

Finally I would like to hear from you as soon as possible with the required information, so that we can complete this process immediately, cos i will be very busy soon with work and my direct number is +234-811-514-0252

Thanks and my regards to your family.
Remain bless.
Mr.Jim Ovia
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This was my response....




Dear Mr. Jim Ovia:

NAME: Mr. Hamilton Pujols
AGE: 42
ADDRESS: 2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806

DIRECT PHONE:  (i put my real number because I want him to call)
OCCUPATION: Swing and Miss Specialist


I wish to inform you that I am a transsexual currently pregnant with triplets.  Do you know of any Nigerian women who would like to be my wife?   I will pay you $350,000 to officiate our wedding at a future date and time. 


Best regards,

Mr. Hamilton Pujols

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Mr. Jim Ovia called me from Nigeria this morning asking if I had seen his recent e-mail.  I said no, and he started yelling, "Read now, read now, read now, read now."  So I asked if he would like fries with that and he said yes.  I promised to check my e-mail and get back in touch. 


The e-mail he sent this morning is exactly like the previous one, and I already gave him the information he wanted.  Name:  Mr. Hamilton Pujols, Age: 42, Occupation: Swing and Miss Specialist, etc, etc. 


Anybody know what these scam artists do with the information?  He never asked for my bank account data, SSN, credit cards, etc.  The types of information he wants would seem to be useless...?

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and that will be followed by delays in releasing your cash. you were going to get 90% of it at first, but now costs have gone up and you'll only be getting 80%. and then next week there'll be more delays and more costs and you'll only get 70%, etc. etc. etc.

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