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This is the least compelling postseason in quite a while.

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Any postseason without the Yankees, Red Sox or A's is compelling to me.


But there are things that could make the series more compelling...


Losing pitcher has to cut off his arm.

Billy Butler actually consuming a country breakfast on live TV.

Lorde and Steve Perry singing the National Anthem together

Aoki playing right field in the bay, sitting in a kayak or in one of the fountains at Kaufman Stadium......

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Quality of games were great it has been very entertaining. Our 2 games here even though the outcome sucked were compelling I was so glad I attended. The Nats/Giants game going 18 innings was incredible I could not stop watching. KC Royals sweeping through what a story.

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Outside of the Royals, there has just been absolutely nothing interesting about this year's playoffs, really. The lack of legitimate excitement is notable.

What gives?


Huh? That's like saying, "aside from her face and body and voice, there's nothing attractive about Scarlett Johansson."


The Royals are the main draw of this year's playoffs, so you can't excise them. That's what's compelling.


Oh yeah, and I suppose the Giants just killing it with good old fashioned baseball.

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Well, I like these teams and their NL style of play - but that's old time baseball -- pitching, defense and speed........those things win playoff series.


This is Bud Selig's last harrah -- and I have to agree with one thing about the title of this thread -- I don't see this World Series doing very well in the national ratings.


The Wall Street Journal ran a story last month about the NFL's advertising dollar dominance and market penetration.......noting that the recent 'controversy' with suspended NFL players probably won't have any impact on attendance and, more importantly, viewership and then noted that the NFL is just an advertising juaggernaut that cuts across all demographics, old, middle-aged, young, men, women, conservatives, liberals etc.......and that the percentage of female fans is about 35% or so which is just an amazing stat for sports.......one of the more amazing stats that put everything in perspective was that last year's NFL Pro Bowl (and after the season, almost forgotten after-thought of a game) OUT DREW the 2013 World Series in the TV ratings.........


So you can imagine what this year's KC-SF match up is going to look like on the Nielsen's...........Bud Selig's swan song -- although -- Kudos to Selig because despite this, under his watch MLB's TV contracts and take of media dollars has increased significantly..........


one reason for this is because TV advertising over all is down as Millennials are forsaking traditional media outlets and becoming 'unplugged' with electronic devices being the medium of choice -- this means advertisers have to chase a different (older) demographic and the folks they want to reach there are also forsaking the nonsense on TV these days and pretty much watching NEWS and SPORTS........

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