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John Kruk thinks Mike Trout will bat second...

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ESPN's John Kruk uttered on Baseball Tonight before Sunday's game that the Angels believe Mike Trout will eventually bat 2nd.


There's no denying it.  You can't have somebody bat in between but Trout, Pujols, and Ham successively for this lineup to maximally produce runs.  Especially, as Ham can catch Pujols on the basepaths now, they have to bat Pujols 4th until he overcomes that Platar Faciatis. 


As soon as opening day tomorrow, I believe this will be the lineup:











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Assuming it is a problem having someone batting between Trout and Pujols the answer isn't to get Trout less PA's and bat him second. The solution is moving Pujols and Hamilton up in the lineup and getting them more AB's.


This. Aybar's OBP isn't great so the benefit of Trout having potenitally one more RBI opportunity (Aybar on base) in the first inning is less than the advantage of Trout getting more plate appearances himself.

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If we had a viable leadoff alternative, there'd be some merit in this discussion. For example, if we traded Callaspo for 2009 Figgins, then I'd lead off with 2009 Figgins, with Trout, Pujols and Hamilton behind him. But as our only viable leadoff hitter, Trout stays in that position by default.

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This may have been mentioned before, but Iannetta has the ability to take a pitch and get on base. He might be a good #2 hitter.


Or Callaspo.


I've never liked Aybar in that spot.


Assuming Trout and Pujols remain in the #1 and #3 spots:


Iannetta > Callaspo > Kendrick > Bourjos > Hamilton > Trumbo > Aybar

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If anything, Mike Trout should bat third, but for now leading off is just fine.


Oh and yes, John Kruk is and idoit.  ;)


exactly what I was thinking.


batting someone 2nd often means getting the runner over which would be a complete waste for him.

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Haven't been able to watch much of the season so far, but what I have noticed is Trout not getting on base to lead off the game.  How many times during a typical 2 game span (say 10 at bats) does the leadoff hitter actually leadoff, 3 times, 4 times.  I like the idea of Trout batting other than leadoff.  Hamilton or Trout and then Pull Holes (pretty tough to get through that without a run or two being scored).  Wish we still had Morales, but...


SSS, I know.

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Regardless, I do agree with the idea that Trout should be moved.  Traditionally, a man of his talents would be the #3 hitter.  But, without another legitimate lead-off option, there's no reason to move him.  If Bourjos continues to play well, then I would toy around with the idea of batting him lead-off and Trout bat 2nd.  But, again, if it were up to me, I want Trout to have 750 plate appearances this season. 

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