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What must A's fans be thinking?


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Not only did they have the best team in baseball (statistically) through the first three months only to watch it implode down the stretch, but they had a four-run lead on the team that is now 8-0 in the postseason with a couple of innings left.


Talk about a double whammy gut punch.

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The A's fans are just glad they didn't lose to us in the ALDS


Screw that. I would have took a sweep by the Angels if the A's could win just ONE of these win-to-advance games.


Just one to prove they can actually do it.


Seven straight losses in those.

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Guess who else got spanked by the Royals? Oh yeah. I don't think the A's fans should be as upset as Angels fans.


I'd hate to still be upset over that Angels postseason showing


Swept....literally no standout moment to remember from that series and the team who ended up bouncing them from the playoffs are currently heading to the WS.

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They are laughing at Angels fans throwing stones from their glass house of recent playoff ineptitude.


To be fair, the entire AL West has been pretty embarrassing in the playoffs for a while now


A's blowing 2-0 series leads twice and just losing in 5 games in general in the ALDS, this recent 2nd half collapse + collapse in the WC game

Rangers losing back to back WS, last one obviously in embarrassing fashion as they were 1 strike away twice from winnin it. Blow 5 game division lead with 9 games left, then proceed to lose the play-in wild card game

Mariners 116 win season and get bounced in the ALCS

Astros swept in WS

Angels have 2002, but since then they've largely been forgettable in the postseason. Swept 3 times in the ALDS, lost in 4 in the other, a terrible 2005 ALCS showing where they somehow allowed the Chisox to have 4 straight complete games

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The Angels lost their ace with six weeks remaining and still went on a tear to nab the best record in baseball. Even before that many were questioning whether we were built for postseason success. My main regret about this past postseason was that Scioscia played Hamilton. Once they won starting Vargas against Weaver I figured we were cooked.


The A's, though....the last six weeks were a disaster. They managed to get into the playoffs, and the trades were meant to make them better in the postseason, and for a while it looked like it might pay off. Then they blew the WC game, too. It's like that team comes up with new ways to torture its fans every season.

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