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Dodgers Nightmare > Angels Nightmare


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There is 0 chance the halos nightmare is worse than the Dodgers.  Dodgers were WS or bust this year and now their main rival is playing to see who advances to the WS.  The Angels exceeded expectations greatly by finishing with the best record in the AL and bowing out in the 1st round.  As an Angel fan I would consider this a rather successful season considering how I thought the team was going to perform coming into the season.  On the other hand, Dodgers fans have to consider this season a failure.  Winning the division (or at least making the playoffs) was a foregone conclusion, so to be knocked out the way they were, with Kershaw melting down in the 7th inning twice, yeah, I'd say the Dodgers nightmare is much, much worse than the Angels nightmare.  

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Anyone notice that Puig wore bright green shoes and batting gloves for the games at Dodger Stadium...but worn blue shoes in St. Louie (at least in game 4...didn't bother to watch game 3 - cuz - who cares?)

Wonder if he did a uniform violation?

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I think both S. Cal teams had great regular seasons that ended in huge disappointment in the post-season.


Angels had somewhat of an excuse -- their rotation was in tatters by the time of the playoffs.


Dodgers? They had their ace Kershaw going twice and he got beat twice by a fundamentally sound Cards team.


Angels? They lost to pitching, defense and a touch of speed -- usually a winning combo in a short series.


I will, however, NEVER understand why 1.) Hamilton was on the ALDS roster; 2.) he was in the starting line up for game one; 3.) after it was apparent to anyone watching his ABs in Game One, why he got any more ABs in the series let alone two more starts...........

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Dodgers are much better set up for future seasons than we are.

When you're already over the luxury tax for 2015, you better be set up to succeed. They still need SP, a bp (minus a closer) and if Hanley becomes a FA, a starting ss.

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