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Trout troubled by Royals high heat?

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He indicated the reason he went 1 for 12 in the series was not because of a vulnerability to those fastballs. Rather, he said, it was because was he was “trying to do too much.”

“Most of the stuff I’m swinging at is balls,” Trout said.

Trout’s takeaway from his first postseason was emotional control.

“Sometimes you hear the crowd going, you want to do so much, and you get out of your approach,” he said. “That’s when you get in trouble. That’s something you gotta work on.”

And one last thing: The nature of the postseason, especially the Angels’ abbreviated one, accentuates small-sample issues inherent in any short span of games. If two more Trout balls in play fell for harmless singles, his statistics would’ve looked mighty different.

Really, the same strengths and flaws Trout showed in the summer showed up in the fall. He said he tried to do too much, but if so, he tried to do too much at various points in 2014, too, especially in the second half.

Trout himself called the playoffs “just a baseball game with more people,” after Game 1.

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“Most of the stuff I’m swinging at is balls,” Trout said.


No Mike, not really. They're high in the zone but they are in the zone.


He needs to adjust his swing because anything belt high and above since like late August he just swung right through, fouled off, or popped out weakly.

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Great players become great and sustain their greatness because they learn each day and each at bat.  Trout tried to do too much for most of the season that is why is numbers fell.  If he learns from this he will become even greater and the Angels will reap the benefits next time we are in the playoffs....which is 2015!

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How about… Mike is completely impatient at the plate.   If there's anything that relates to him being the next Jeter, it's the number of times he backs out of the box per AB, takes a crappy hack, and fixes his batting gloves.


Kid needs to:


-Settle into the batter's box prepared to hit strikes, including first pitch strikes

-stay in the box and focus on raking

-stop looking at the umps after every bad call  (you haven't earned that right and even if you did, it ranks high on the scale of douchicity.)

-work in the off-season on the high strike (you're not above evolving you game.)

-for god sakes give up the appeal on the check-swing.   You aren't helping your case.

-Roll back the clock about 2 1/2 seasons ago, and return to the mentality you had as the kid that walked up to the plate spring-loaded, raring to take on any pitcher, any pitch, and putting it somewhere advantageous.


He used to play like he was playing out of his mind… now he's just swinging out of his shoes.


Seriously… Angels, find someone, anyone (outside the org.) that excelled in hitting high strikes and have them work with Mike in the off-season.


Teams are figuring him out, which will translate into more and more Trumboesque performances, especially with the apparent vanishing speed on the base paths (that was a horrendous Willie Mays Hays impression in the playoffs.)


I wasn't far off from my 2-16 prediction.  I figured the halos would lose in 4, not get swept.   He surely would have gone 1-4 in that game.

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