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Thanks for the constant reminders, ESPN

Vegas Halo Fan

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It's really tough to be a fan of the black and teal these days. Even though I have confidence in the new coaches, management and ownership, progress has been painfully slow in coming to Jacksonville. The two trips to the AFC Championship Game seem eons ago. Then ESPN has to hit me with little reminders whenever talking about how inept certain other teams and/or players have been. Cases in point:


Since 2012, the Raiders have had the second-lowest winning percentage in the NFL. Only Jacksonville has been worse.


E. J. Manuel has the second-lowest QB rating in the NFL this year. The worst has been Chad Henne.


Even when making a point about another team, ESPN seems to drive home just how miserable this whole time has been. No matter who they are talking about, Jacksonville has been a little worse. The prior ownership really overdid the patience routine with Jack Del Rio, who was clearly in over his head - as was GM Gene Smith.

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And now even the perfect season is gone. They follow up a game in which they beat Cleveland (I took that as a sure sign of the apocalypse) with a performance in which the defense held Miami to two field goals, but two pick-sixes and a TD kick return did them in.


I know that it's going to take time, but damn, it's hard to follow this team and be even remotely enthusiastic.

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I don't know anything about Jacksonville's front office but it all starts with the draft and doing it well.  It's going to take time but if you have smart guys in there, they can build a strong contender.  Being a Cowboys fan, we drafted like garbage for a long time especially in the 2000's.  We hit on guys like Ware and Witten but for the most part, I go through our drafts during that decade and almost all the players never made it in the NFL or are long gone.  It wasn't until we got Jason Garrett as our coach that our drafts made a complete 180.  Jerry Jones thought he could draft and he proved that he couldn't.  He actually listens to Garrett and he no longer goes for the flashy picks that he used to.  So yeah, it's definitely about getting someone (whether it be a coach or GM) that understands how to build a team through the draft.


I still think you guys got the best QB in last years draft in Blake Bortles.  Hopefully Jacksonville lets him sit a few years and learn what it's like to be in the NFL.  They won't be competing anytime soon so no need to rush him into games.  Too many young QBs are ruined being thrown in the fire as rookies.

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The front office and coaching staff seem to be solid - and this wasn't the case with their predecessors. Gus Bradley was going to be hired in Philadelphia before Chip Kelly changed his mind and took the job.


Probably no team in the league has squandered more first-round draft picks than Jacksonville. Derrick Harvey. Matt Jones. Blaine Gabbert. Reggie Nelson. Justin Blackmon. Then there was the drafting of punter Bryan Anger in the third round of the 2012 draft, with all of the needs the team had. He was selected ahead of Russell Wilson.

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