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KC or OAK ?


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Leaning towards the A's, though I don't mind either. KC has zero power in their lineup so they need to string a ton of hits together to put up runs. A's, despite their super rotation, have been of the worst teams in baseball this entire 2nd half. 15-30 their last 45 games. They've been playing incredibly bad baseball for weeks now

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Oakland.........KC has played some great baseball down the stretch and in the second half generally.......


the A's have been tanking for five weeks plus now and pretty much have barely avoided a total collapse out of the playoffs.


only an M's mini-melt down in that series at Toronto prevented the M's from over-taking the A's -- King Felix's getting bombed in that start in Toronto last week is the reason they're not either headed to the playoffs today or at least in a one game playoff to BE the second Wild Card team with the A's.


KC has a dangerous young team and a great bull pen.

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Thoughlay Lester and Gray can be very tough I would still rather play Oak. Their offense is as non existent as the Angels but their defense is very suspect. The Royals have some pesky hitters, a ton of speed and a very tough pen. The Halos match up much better with Oakland. That said, the Angels will win in four games.

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I'm torn. Even with the playoffs on the line and Martinez pitching, the A's barely strung together a win today. Would have been a 2 run game if not for Texas' errors in the 9th. 

Also, in the second half, our shaky pitching has succeeded quite well against the A's. Also, KC has a better bullpen and their offense knocked Shoe around pretty good. 

That said, I actually like KC and hate Oakland. So i'd rather just have Oakland knocked out for once and for all. I don't trust this collapse. It's an irrational emotion. But I'd rather see them lose the WC. 

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Oakland's rotation is scary. Plus, as others have said, I would be much more pissed if the Angels lost to the A's in the ALDS than if they lost to the Royals. KC is a great story this season and will be the team I root for if they make it past the ALDS.

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