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From the LA Times - Angels' Albert Pujols says his contract won't be a drag

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I'd love if he did this, just to stick it to all the people who constantly have to bring up how bad a contract it is.  Which I don't really care, personally.  I don't pay players' salary, and it's not like Pujols or Hamilton for that matter are Vernon Wells.

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Even if he walks away they still owe him the money. I'm optimistic he will provide and ROI over the next 7-9 years.


Incorrect. If he retires, he goes on an "voluntarily retired list". The team no longer needs to pay him, but retain rights if that player decides to unretire. A few years ago Gil Meche was owed $12m. He felt he could no longer contribute to the team and retired before Spring camp started. He said he did it "to keep self respect". 

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"Slugger says he will walk away when he can't compete at major league level."


Compete at major league level can mean a lot of things.  Vernon Wells was "competing at major league level" last year.  I can compete at the major league level, just not very well.  But I'm just being difficult.  If he did this, that would be a pretty nice thing for him to do for the organization.  Maybe he could just assign the contract over to Trout when the time comes.

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I think we're reading too much into this.


Pujols had a down year last season and hit 50 doubles with 30 homeruns.  If we're talking about how long it will be before Albert Pujols is no longer a Herculean middle of the order bat, I give it three-four more years, meaning he'll be 36-37 before he's no longer a good #3 or 4 hitter.  


If we're talking about not being able to compete at the major league level at all anymore, I think you're looking at 7 years, meaning around age 40.  So for 3-4 years the Angels will get a great middle of the order bat, and for another 3-4 years after that they'll simply have a DH that hits .260 with 25 HR.  


So in all honesty, we're looking at Pujols MAYBE not playing the final two years of his ten year deal, in which case it really isn't a big deal.  Regardless, if he walked away, the Angels would still be paying him because the day he stops playing baseball is the day he starts working for the Angels front office. I imagine it'll start off as something simple like a guest instructor in Spring Training, then it'll evolve into being a hitting coach for the Angels or serving as Dipoto's special assistant in the Front Office where he'll be making baseball decisions.    

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That was cool of Meche after the Royals gave him a pretty over priced deal. I remember that and reading about him saying he didn't live up to it and thought it was cool.


I bet he plays out the contract, but he seems like a modest guy.


The contract wasn't a drag the moment he signed and Arte parlayed it into a mega tv contract the next day.

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