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random 2015 lineup thought


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I'm sick of worrying/thinking about our rotation for the playoffs, so I thought I'd start a thread about something completely off-topic.


What about flip-flopping Trout and Calhoun in the batting order next year so that Trout leads off and Calhoun hits second? The lack of steals for Trout has been discussed to death, but it does seem like by hitting in front of Albert and not running as much, one of his greatest talents is being wasted. He's only going to be this fast for so many years. In a lot of ways Calhoun seems like a great candidate for the 2 hole. He's not our best hitter, but he makes pretty good contact, hits for good average, hits for some power, has speed, and has patience at the plate, allowing Trout to run. Would Trout drive in less runs as a leadoff hitter, sure, but I think having him up there could generate more run-scoring opportunities and in general create more chaos/havoc for the opposing pitcher. Just a thought.


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It would take some extreme circumstances for me to want Trout's .550 slugging percentage in lead off role. I think the two hole is a perfect fit for Trout's skillset. It may be the case that Trout doesn't have as many stolen base attempts because he bats in front of Albert, but on the other hand, Albert provides protection for Trout.

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The big change next season revolves around Hamilton's spot in the lineup.

It's clear that he no longer has the power to hit cleanup.

whats clear is that hes had an off year, but hes also shown he still has power so i think maybe we might not make these kinds of assumptions quite yet.

a lot of people here wanted to write of Pujols after last year... you sure you wanna go down this road?

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Wh... why would anyone want to move Trout back to leadoff?  If anything he should be moved to third in the lineup.

I would.  I believe the lead off hitting, base stealing, high average Trout is better than the power hitting HR hitting Trout.


Sorry, but Trout is not playing as well this year as he has the previous two.  It is clear why.  He wants to be a run producer.  I would rather have him as a run creator sacrifice some of the runs he produces and let Calhoun or Pujols drive him in.

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So you can dish it out but can't take it? Gotcha.

strange comment from someone who always has other backing him up when it comes to insults...

i assure you i can take anything the lot of you can dish out but i thought this game was left in the third grade

you wanna play the game well play the game but dont expect me to not call you on it... your move, we can get back to the subject or continue the pissing contest, whats it gonna be ?

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