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Santiago and Wilson


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Although they both make me nervous, when Hector is on it breeds a little more confidence in me. Not sure why but it seems he can be locked in a little longer. Whenever CJ excels it's like an unexpected pleasant surprise like a $500 refund check in my mailbox. Great and all but I'm not thinking another one's coming tomorrow.  

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It seems like he's a head case. What's the common denominator when he's pitched well? The angels have been struggling as a team. In 2012, when the angels were playing well down the stretch and had a shot at the playoffs, he absolutely crumbled. Same thing this season, the angels turn it on and are playing well, and he is stinking up the joint. He also has done horrible in the playoffs, in a decent sample size. So it's not super fluky.

It seems like cj is at his worst when the pressure is the greatest

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There's been a lot of talk lately about our struggling two pitchers.


Who do you think is better? Who has the most upside? If Santiago, is it solely because he's younger?


Facing Oakland if they are the ALDS opponent then Santiago is the far better option based on their respective performances this year.

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Even when Hector wasn't getting decisions he was pitching well against Oakland. Even when they were good. Of course we may not even see Oak in the ALDS but we might. I'd rather throw CJ off a cliff than see him in the playoffs facing really good offenses but I don't think I get to be the one to decide that. Unless he changes who he is as a pitcher and as a person, I don't think he's going to be great all of a sudden in a high pressure situation. Hope he proves me wrong though.

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In a 5 game series I just don't think you can risk having a game where your SP gets rocked and doesn't make it out of the 2nd inning. And to me, there's a higher risk of that with CJ than there is Santiago.

My preferred rotations would be:



1) Weaver 2) Shoe 3) Santiago


w/o Shoe

1) Weaver 2) Santiago 3) Rasmus


I'd probably carry CJ as the long man over LeBlanc, and then use him if one of our SP has a blow-up game.

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There still is the matter of Nibs being decent to solid at home.

Whatever they do, set it up so that he only pitches at home in the post-season.    And hope he pitches much more like 2010, instead of 2011.


In the ALDS, I'd consider using 12 pitchers and 13 position players, with the DH.

Then you carry Weaver, Nibs, Shoemaker, and Santiago along with Street, Smith, Jepsen, Morin, Pestano, Rasmus, LeBlanc, and either Grilled Cheese or Tossed Salad but not both.   

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