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Derek Jeter is not the greatest baseball player in the last 5 million years.


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Anyone else find it mildly hilarious that some team gave him golf clubs? "here you go jeets, you'll need these in October"


No more hilarious than the Angels giving him a surfboard, a nod to his widely-publicized love of shootin' the curl.


I don't know what was worse: The club giving him a surfboard, or them offering fans a chance to pose for photos with it - like I would have given a damn.

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Olbermann ending that whole piece by saying "Yeah Jeets" was gold.

For anyone unaware of that reference:



Thanks for posting that, those stories sound like SNL skits or something. Even if those are all untrue, they are still fu**ing hilarious, and I actually believe the Chad Johnson story.

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Much of Jeter's supposed greatness is defined by his longevity and his performing better in the playoffs than the regular season.  So, depending on how much stock you put in those two things  determines your stance.  


He was an excellent player.  A HOFer.  The adulation is disproportionate nonetheless.  But he plays for the yankees who, with all their history, haven't had a home grown HOFer since mantle and ford were elected in 1973.  Two guys who played in the 50's and 60's.  


I'm still waiting for Arod to sully Jeter's reputation by claiming he used PEDs.  I think he'll claim such after he retires.  

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the entirety of his legacy is the fact that he did it in NY.  he has never been the best SS in the league, hasnt even been that on his own team half the time

hes a good, maybe even great player, but the only reason hes getting what hes getting is the fact that hes a Yankee... and per baseballs unwritten rules any Yankee must be bowed down to and given recognition undeserving.


there are other recent players that have retired that have deserved the level of recognition that he and Rivera before him got, and didnt.

the retirement tour is really a bit of a joke to me.

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Jeter will retire with the sixth most hits in baseball history.   That's quite an accomplishment. http://www.baseball-reference.com/leaders/H_career.shtml


He did that in 20 seasons which is fewer seasons than the rest of the 15 players in the top 16. 

Tony Gwynn and Robin Young also played 20 seasons and don't have as many hits. 

No other Yankee has 3,000 hits.


No one is saying he's the greatest of all time - but he's definitely a HOF'er.


The tour is a little over the top, but I don't mind it too much.  I think more players should get recognized at the end of their careers.

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