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Week 4 Thread


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Some good match ups this week. 


I'm interested to see what Green Bay does. I thought they were highly overrated coming into the season and so far, they've met my expectations. They have a big game in Chicago this week. Chicago is looking damn good.


Eagles/49'ers should be good, too. I think Philly beats them. They'll rip that defense.



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I am starting Rivers over Cutler this week because the Chargers are playing the Jags.

They need to have 4 weeks of bye weeks and start them later. 8 teams per bye week. Maybe start in week 7. It sucks for the teams that have byes this weekend. Too early for it.

I started rivers over p Manning last week. Manning was in seattle and rivers in bufftown

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Chicago got their ass kicked, the refs were horrible in that game, too.


Bolts! 3-1 baby! This was the type of game that in the past, they would blow it and lose. They're off to a fast start. Rivers is playing like the MVP right now, the defense is making big plays when it needs it. The injury bug is contagious right now, though. Need to stop getting hurt and we need to start getting some guys back. I'm very excited about this team this year.


Carolina has definitely been a disappointment this year. I don't know how Detroit lost to them. Their defense has has two new assholes ripped the past two weeks. Horrible performances. 


Dallas is starting to look like a good team. If they keep relying on the running game, they'll contend with Philly for that division throughout the season. DeMarco Murray might be the best running back in the league right now.


Philly was exposed a little bit. Nice win for SF, they needed it big time. I wonder if now they'll get back to relying on the run game and their defense instead of trying to turn Kaepernick into an elite level QB. 

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I agree, Foles looked extremely lost out there. That last drive was god awful...1:20 something to go, 70 yards, no timeouts and you throw a little dump off and a screen pass? Foles might cost Philly a legit chance to contend this year. Shady McCoy needs to step it up too. I haven't watched many Philly games this year, what seems to be the problem with him? 


EJ Manuel is out as starter in Buffalo. 


NY Jets fans' want Vick to start. 

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If I was Philly I'd be more worried about the offensive line.  Last year they were the top rushing team in the league and so far this year they're averaging 73 yards a game less on the ground.  Yesterday there were no holes for McCoy or Sproles and half the time defenders were in the backfield by the time the ball was handed off.  To be fair if Philly had won yesterday the focus would be on how bad Kap is.  That guy tried to give the game away more than once and when he screws up it's Cutleresque.  

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