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Around the Majors, 9/10/2014


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27 year old daniel butler got his first career hit to break it up.  He made his debut a few weeks ago against the Angels



I love baseball... stuff like this is always possible in this great game.

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I guess they would make the argument that we still get to play Texas 5 more times, and Houston isn't exactly a juggernaut. But I still think they have the easier schedule. 


The main difference, IMO, is that Texas and Houston have been out of contention basically all season, and both are going to have young, hungry players looking to make an impression with an eye toward 2015. That is a dangerous kind of team to be playing late in the season.

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Mike Fiers for the Brewers is a POS!

He hits Stanton in the face with a pitch, and then throws at the next hitter.

DeSclafani is a man for standing up for Stanton and hitting a Brewer with a pitch!

It gets better. The guy he plunked? One of the biggest punks in MLB: Carlos Gomez

Pukes like Nick Martinez and Mike Fiers need to be taught a lesson!

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If you honestly think Fliers hit either of those players on purpose you're crazy. He missed with a pitch to Stanton, and for some stupid reason was left in the game. Gotta imagine your pretty shook up after hitting someone in the face and watching them leave on a stretcher. Then the next one gets away due to nerves. He should've been taken out after plunking Stanton.

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Okay, I get the Stanton pitch being unintentional. But while the McGahee pitch may have been from nerves, how else should someone feel when that happens? Should Miami just sit and do nothing?

DeSclafani did exactly what ANY pitcher would do to back up his team.

I'm surprised that Gomez took it like a man, given his career histrionics.

Roenicke probably should have gotten Fiers out of there after Stanton was hit. I wonder if he stayed in due to being one batter from being eligible for the win.

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