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The "its early" crowd was right


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Who was in the "it's early" crowd? Were there meetings at local pubs and what not?

No doubt. On April 27th I tattooed "angels 2014 western division champs on my scrotim next to a Mount Rushmore of Arte, JD, Trout and Hatcher (him being gone was instrumental in this accomplishment and for that I am grateful.).


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The funny part is there were so many adamant the season was over in the first couple weeks and yet the Angels posted a 14-13 March/April. One numbnutz early this year banned himself in the second inning of a game because the Angels were down by three runs and swore they could never recover.


For all the dumb nicknames that he creates, we need something much more creative and lame than "numbnutz".  Maybe "AngelOverreactle"?

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Years from now, we may all look back on the 2010 to 2013 seasons as the development of a foundation of much better things to come, in a way justifying the positions of those who claimed "it's early" in each of those seasons.  Looking back on the mid to late 90s, and how talented the team was, and how frustratingly close they would occasionally come to reaching the post-season, it's now much easier to see that they were building toward the amazing decade that followed, kicking off with the 2002 season.  I'm not saying that the current team has reached such heights yet, or that they will, but if it turns out that we're entering another golden era of Angels baseball, then the "it's early crowd" has potentially been correct in retrospect since about 2011.


Here's hoping!

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I still say it's too early. What flag will we raise on Opening Day next season? Division Championship? AL Championship? World Championship?

It's too early!

Well, if history repeats itself and many of the people who post here have their way -- the white flag of course.  Only not until the second inning and not until the Ms are leading 2-0.

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