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SJWs, Feminists, and Gaming Journalism


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First I'll post this entertaining as **** video. 





Anyone actually following this gamergate shit?

Basically, gaming journalism have turned into Social Justice Warriors trying to make political statements for many years now.


Actor Adam Baldwin, from firefly, decided to create #gamergate on twitter and it has since blown up.


Since then, gaming journalists have pretty much told the people that actually visit their site(gamers) that they're misogynistic pigs that should **** off.

It's impossible to sum up all the shit that has happened over the last few weeks so I'll just post this here.





Edit: Posted a better video


double edit: here is a imgur that kind of sums things up


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So the first video was entertaining. Kept my interest all the way through. The second video...wow. That was boring as shit. Made it about five minutes. They were talking about some Zoe chick banging five dudes. After 3 minutes of that I decided I should see who this Zoe chick is.


Uhhhhh...no. I'm out.

lol yea I could see how that video would be confusing for people who haven't actually followed this gamergate shit..


basically started with this zoe quinn bitch banging journalists to get good reviews for her shitty game. Escalated to gamers getting sick of journalists pushing their own agenda(SJW, Feminist, leftist bullshit). Journalists responded by calling gamers misogynist evil white dudes, even comparing them to ISIS(lol).


There's a lot more to it than that, though.


Joe Rogan seems to have picked up on it and is going to do a podcast with Adam Baldwin.

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sorry, HM. i'm taking my daughter to the One Direction concert tonight and most of my energy is focused there right now. maybe tomorrow will be a better day once i'm recovered from the 90k screaming 12 year olds i get to spend my thursday night with at the rose bowl.

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