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This is what a 2 game suspension looks like


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Dude strikes her twice, 2nd time knocking her out as she slams her head into the elevator hand rail before crashing to the ground. He doesn't even look phased afterwards


There is no way the Ravens can let this dude return to the team. NFL royally screwed this situation up. Rice shouldn't see the field at all this year

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Eventually, teams and leagues will realize that if there is a camera and or phone around, it will eventually go public. It's obviously best to react appropriately before that happens. The old school sweep it under the rug mentality doesn't apply any more... At least without some serious PR backlash liability. Obviously, the NFL/Ravens didn't handle this well, but neither did the local DA. I don't understand how you see that video and say, "I don't think we can prosecute that."

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I think everyone saw it for the first time.

You don't see this and still offer a light sentence knowing this is out there to potentially leak.

There is more harm in seeing it and sweeping it under the rug than seeing it and everything falling in line like it did. There is no benefit if everyone saw the video.

Lol@ tmzpn. Another sports non-sports story that dominates their headlines and even had its own special intro music to the story on earlier SportsCenters.

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I'm not in law enforcement or a legal expert, so I don't know. I also don't know what's allowed or not legally on Indian land.....Seeing it was a full blown casino I assume it is Indian land, unless it was AC. They have different jurisdictions.

I find it really hard to believe someone saw it and gave a slap on the wrist and through the whole process of creating a strategy thought this would never get out if it existed. Again, it doesn't benefit anyone.

I'm pretty skeptical with conspiracy theorists. Too many hands missed this to say people saw this and let him off. They make examples out of athletes like Plaxico Burress if they know about this kind of stuff.

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This is so stupid.

People talking about banning him for life?

While people like Leonard Little and Josh Brent kill innocent people get second chances.

Am I condoning spousal abuse not at all, but to want to ban this guy is laughable


How about banning anyone that does any of those things like what Little and Brent did as well as Rice? The issue isn't just Rice and domestic abuse. The issue is how many times these kinds of things happen and the nfl just gives them a slap on the wrist. Maybe if the NFL takes a stand players will change and no longer do stupid shit.

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