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Week 1 discussion


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The Chiefs and Raiders made it abundantly clear they will be the bottom dwellers of the AFC West.  Go Chargers!  Broncos tried their hardest to give that game to the Colts.  


Pretty entertaining Sunday.  The NFL Red Zone channel rules the air waves at my house.  


Does New England win the East this year?  Was that a fluke?  I hope not.

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Tennessee is going to be a surprise team, their D has been progressing.

But yeah, I ended up leaving at halftime because the game and Chiefs sucked. Seeing Derrick Johnson carted off and now lost for the season was the tipping point. It's going to be a step back and long season.

Watched the Raiders and they are still the worst team in football. I think the Jets will be better than most credit, but the Raiders look non existent.

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After watching the other teams in the NFC East, I think the Cowboys might have a shot . The division looks weak just like last year. I'm not on the Tony Romo is done after one game bandwagon. I blame the coaching staff for his poor performance. Jason Garrett was so worried he might hurt himself, he was only practicing twice a week at most and didn't play in the preseason games except for one series against the Ravens. He looked like a guy that wasn't up to speed with how fast the NFL is and like a guy who hasn't played since December. I think he will be fine going forward.

Our defense still is shaky. I don't know if the defense looked good or if the 49ers were just taking it easy after getting a huge lead. Guess we will see this week against the Titans.

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Once the Chargers botched that snap and it took them out of FG range, I knew it was gonna end bad. I hate how Pagano changed the defensive scheme once the Chargers got up by 11. He started playing soft and gave up the underneath routes. It killed us. Jesus Christ, will they ever learn? And Freeney, you gotta finish those sacks dude. You let 3 sacks go...


Gonna be a tough task this week vs. Seattle.

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